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The Rogers - Serving the Lord in Mexico

Dear Friends and Prayer Partners,

‬ Psalm 37:4,5 "Delight thyself also in the Lord; and He shall give thee the desires of thine heart. Commit thy way unto the Lord; trust also in Him; and He shall bring it to pass."

The words of the Psalmist David have never felt so real and personal as they have this past year. As of September 15th we have been in Merida, Yucatan 1 year! To the best of our ability, we have delighted ourselves in the Lord, and He HAS given us the desires of our hearts. We have committed (Hebrew word for "rolled thy way") our way unto the Lord and trusted Him and He HAS fulfilled His promise and HAS brought it to pass!

God by His wonderful love, grace, mercy, kindness, and through Holy Spirit power, Has allowed us to personally lead to Christ:
Ramiro Tolosa Bates, Juan Sulud, Ivan Rodriguez, Karla, Blanca, Manuel(Progreso), Alberto Rodriguez Leiva, Liz Rodriguez G, William Rodriguez Leiva, Soani Rodriguez Leiva, Krystyan Rodriguez Leiva, Nadini Rodriguez Leiva, Manuel(Merida), Alfredo Isai Ramayo, Maria Elena Pena Can, Mexico Antonio Ramayo, Rosi Librada Kutuz, Heydi Ramayo, Alberto Castillo, Miriam, Elias, Adriana Martin, Miguel, Susana, Victor, Bryan, Juan Hernandez, Maria Teresa de Jesus Noh Nahuat, Eddie Alexander Castillo Noh, Jared Debany Noh Nahuat, Cristian Aldair Noh Nahuat, Jose Isaias Flores Gutierrez, Maria Luisa Canal Hernandez, Esmeralda Zuniga Ramayo, Nayeli Yaritza Molina Zuniga, Abigail Sanchez Gonzalez,Luci(Progreso), Damaris, Nydia, Juan Diego, and Andy Martin. Others, whose names we do not have have available, have been saved after a regular church service, a special preaching service, or a church event that we've been invited to speak at throughout this past year.
Dear friends and prayer partners, this wonderful group of new brothers and sisters in Christ, is an answer to your prayers! This precious group of souls is the fruit of your labor made possible by your giving back to God some of what He has entrusted us with! Thank you for praying for each one and partnering with us as we disciple these wonderful people and introduce to them the treasure we have in being part of the family of God!

As you can imagine, we have been quite busy with personal and group discipleship. What a joy it is to see the hunger for the Word of God and the desire to transform by the renewing of the mind using His precious Word!
But that's not all! Here in last several months, God through His marvelous Grace, has allowed us to begin the initial stages of not 1, but 2 new church plants!! We have been meeting with some of the group of these that have been saved in a community called Juan Pablo II. We are having services and discipleship outside in the patio of the Ramayo's home under a huge shade tree.What a blessing it is to see people get together to learn and grow in spite of the mosquitoes and the overwhelming heat! We are anxious to see what plans God has for the future there.
Then, we also meet with another group across town in an area near Kukulcan called Vicente Solis. With this group, God has given us the honor and privilege to disciple this group in the church plant start up and in addition to that, disciple and train Bro. Jose Maria Sandoval Ortiz to pastor this group of believers!

I was invited last year and again this year to teach in the Seminario Bautista Biblico. It is a ministry of Iglesia Bautista Merida Norte and our missionary friends the Allreds. So in our spare time (haha!), I'm teaching a class on the Major/Minor Prophets and we meet Monday and Thursday evenings this school year.

As we've said before and it bears repeating, your prayers have allowed us to experience God's protection, provision, Holy Spirit power and amazing grace as we begin the work He has called us to.
Thank you for choosing to be part of this "Great Mission" - "that all men may know that He is God, and that they might claim Christ as their personal Savior"!
May His purpose become your purpose so that you might experience true fulfillment along with many of your brothers and sisters in Christ!
Thank you for the opportunity to serve alongside you in reaching the lost for Christ! May God bless you!

We remain your servants in Christ,

The Rogers


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