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The Suddeth Family - April/May 2017

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Seminars in Kuna Yala
A week of ministry in Kuna Yala (a large area of land that belongs to the Kuna indigenous group) has been the highlight of our ministry since our last newsletter. I (Clip) was able to tag along with Russ Turner and Pedro Solís as we went to the islands of Cuba, Ogosucu, and Ailigandi to hold seminars. (Russ is a missionary in Costa Rica who also does teaching in Colombia, Panamá, and Peru, and Pedro is a pastor in San Jose, Costa Rica.)

Here's a summary: the people were receptive, Russ and Pedro are great teachers, and it seems as though there are many spiritual needs among the Kuna people.
Observing, learning, and being amazed that I get to do this kind of stuff is how to best describe the week from my perspective. Here are a few photos:

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Family Update

Mary and Isaac are doing well. Mary continues to meet people and build relationships. She is an amazing wife and mom and the perfect support in ministry. Isaac just enjoys life, always goes with the flow, and loves to play.


   Prayer Requests
• The spiritual needs among the Kuna people.
• The documents to our car.
• A seminar in Rio Indio April 30 - May 5.
• That our Spanish would continue to improve.

• Isaac and Clip have their permanent residency, and Mary is very close to having her residency visa.
• The Lord is continuing to develop our ministry. We praise Him for His faithfulness and goodness.
• We had some great friends, the Sprayberrys, who were able to visit us for a few days. They were an amazing encouragement to us.





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