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The Suddeth Family Ministry Update - February 2017

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Teaching in Rio Indio

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It was great to read the text from Erik, a leader at a church in Rio Indio. He wrote that he and several others in the church were memorizing Scripture. Why was that so exciting? The week before I (Clip) taught a morning devotional on Scripture Memory during a seminar on Church History. The people are using what we taught!

Russ Turner, Pedro Solís Lopez, and Hernán Coto did the main teaching. Several churches were represented, and the people were very receptive. We will return in May with Russ to teach Hermeneutics.

Upcoming Ministry Opportunities

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• Clip is in the process of teaching Sunday School and preaching at Iglesia de La Gracia for three weeks for a missionary who had to return to the States.
• Seminar in April near Mulatupo.
• Seminar in May in Rio Indio.
• A national pastor has asked Clip to prepare a seminar for married couples.
• We are beginning to meet with specific people for intentional discipleship.


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Isaac and two friends looking at a book together before a Sunday morning church service in Cerro Cama. We are happy and encouraged to know Isaac is doing so well here.

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Mary and Isaac enjoying life.
On another note, Isaac and Clip received their residency visas this week! Strangely enough, the FBI wasn't able to read the fingerprints that we submitted for Mary. So ... she's still waiting, but everything is working out fine.

Prayer Requests and Praises

• Praise: Isaac and Clip have their residency visas.
• Praise: Seminars, teaching, and discipleship went well this month.
• Praise: We enjoy life and ministry here, and the Lord is doing amazing things.
• Request: Preparations for upcoming teaching, preaching, and discipleship opportunities.
• Request: There are many believers here who need to be discipled, and there are many people who need to be reached with the gospel.
• Request: We have been told that all of the papers for the car are now in our name, but we still haven't received the actual documents.

To read more from Clip, Mary, and Isaac, visit their website:


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