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The Suddeth Family Ministry Update - October 2016

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Sitting across from me at the breakfast table at a little "fonda" named Mama Fefa, Dolores pointed to our car and said to his friend sitting next to him, "If we had a car like that, one that sat up high and had 4x4, we could go to the village where they want us to come share the gospel."

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Assuming it was Dolores' way of asking me, I said to Dolores, "I'd be glad to take you." He seemed thankful, and it led to a conversation in which we made our plans to go.

I returned the following week making the 4.5 hour trip to the interior. I was able to take Pastor Dolores and his wife, Dominga, to a village which has no gospel presence, and four different families were able to hear the gospel. (It was obvious that it was the first time these families had ever heard a clear presentation of the gospel.)
While no one made a decision to trust Christ as Lord and Savior that day, we have an open invitation to return and share the gospel in the village any time we want.

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This story is what our ministry is all about - helping national pastors, so that they can reach and disciple people with a multiplying effect. We are so encouraged to have had this specific opportunity early in our ministry.

Prayer Requests

• Our continued language and cultural learning
• Spiritual health and strength for our family
• The spiritual growth, training, and encouragement of the national pastors
• That we will receive the final documents for our vehicle in the Lord's timing

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