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The Suddeth Family Ministry Update - August 2017

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“I have to cancel the trip …”

… is not the text you want to receive 2 days before a big ministry trip for which you’ve been preparing to go on for over a month. However, as always, God has a way of working everything out for the best. 

Instead of going to Bocas del Toro with Erik, a national pastor, our whole family went to Río Indio, where Erik lives. We were able to do the following:

  • Spend a great deal of time talking to and encouraging Erik and his wife about life and ministry. 
  • Make tentative plans to go to Bocas del Toro in September. 
  • Have 2 really good conversations with another pastor, Amado, about ministry needs and opportunities. 
  • Clip was able teach in 2 different churches. 
  • Mary and Isaac were able to spend a lot of time with several kids. 

We're learning that everyday in the life of a missionary can, and usually is, different. Different is not bad; it helps us depend on the Lord more and more.

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The kids in Río Indio really enjoyed some crafts that Mary and Isaac brought

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Clip and Pastor Amado talking about ministry needs in a small town called Salud

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Mary and Isaac watching a tug boat as we took a ferry on our return from Río Indio

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The church in the small town of Salud, which is about 15 minutes away from Río Indio


August 14-18, Clip will be going with Russ Turner and another pastor to a village named Lajas Blancas. This will be a teaching trip. 


  • We had a fruitful trip to Rio Indio in which the Lord has potentially opened many doors
  • On August 13, we celebrate one year in Panamá
  • We are making meaningful friendships with Panamanians. 

Prayer Requests

  • Continued ministry development 
  • Upcoming trip to Lajas Blancas
  • Return trip to Río Indio
  • Genuine revival in Panamá
  • Mary and Isaac as they have begun homeschool

Thank You

We are always thankful to the Lord for you and your partnership in the gospel. Together, we are working for the glory of God among the nations

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