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The Suddeth Family Ministry Update, August 2016

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Dear Partners in the Gospel,
Graduation from language school is August 12, and we move to Panamá on August 13. Our understanding of
missionary work is that you are a part of the we. Yes, our family is physically moving to Panamá, but in a very
real since you are going with us. Through your prayer support and financial partnership, we (you and us) are a team
who will be serving the Lord in Central America.
You have been praying with us for the funds to buy a ministry vehicle in Panamá. Thanks to God’s provision through
many of you, we now have $15,350 toward a vehicle! Our goal is to raise $20,000 by the middle of August. This
vehicle will give us access to train and disciple pastors in places that are difficult to reach. If you would like to
give a special gift toward a ministry vehicle, you can visit the giving page HERE.
Our goals, and our prayer requests, for the first two months are:
• Praise the Lord - we found a house and appliances (our lease
begins August 15)!
• Buy a vehicle
• Set up our house (connect utilities, purchase furniture, etc.)
• Continue working on our Spanish and begin to learn the
Panamanian culture.
• Make connections with churches and pastors in order to begin
to build relationships.

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Your prayer support and financial
partnership will give us opportunities to train and

disciple pastors in villages like Piriatí.

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On a recent three-day trip to Panamá, Clip was able to find a house to rent
and buy appliances (it is not uncommon for houses to come completely
unfurnished). Thanks to the help of a friend named Guillermo, we were able to find
a man (pictured) who brought the appliances to the house.

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