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The Suddeth Family Ministry Update

Suddeth Family 2021

Dear Friends,

We had the joy of welcoming 14 new members into our church family here in Costa Verde on Sunday, June 6. Others are expressing interest in church membership, so we will be offering another set of membership classes beginning in July. 

Mary and I experienced an eye-opening reminder during one of our recent membership interviews—we should never assume anyone understands the gospel! In these interviews, the first questions we always ask are, “Are you saved?" and, "Can you give us a brief testimony of your salvation?” On this particular Zoom call, we both immediately realized, by her delay in responding and by the expression on her face, she didn’t know how to answer the question; she didn’t understand the gospel. As a result, rather than continuing a “membership interview,” we shared the gospel with her. Due to her background she has many questions of her own, but it seems like God is working in her life. She wants to retake the next series of membership classes, and she continues to come to church each Sunday with her seven-year-old daughter. Please pray with us for the salvation of both this young lady and her daughter

We just finished a series going through the book of Judges, and it was quite helpful for us as a church. We’ve had many people tell us how much they have enjoyed going through a book of the Bible. The main point we took from the series is that we can avoid falling away from our faith, and we can remain faithful to the Lord

Beginning June 20, we plan to have a five-week series of messages on the family, because a proper understanding of the family is greatly needed in our church and in Panamá. By the way, please continue praying for the marriages in our church that are going through difficult times—for restoration, for joy, and for Christ and His church to be displayed through our marriages.

The number of COVID cases in Panamá is rising once again. Please pray that, if it is the Lord’s will, we will be able to continue to meet in person for our worship services. We really need God’s wisdom to know what to do each week.

Also, we still value your prayers concerning property for our church. We would love to have a space that belongs to the church. We know that God is in control, that He knows better than we do, and that He will provide when and how He sees best to do so. 

In Christ,

Clip, Mary, & Isaac

P.S. We traveled to Tennessee on June 7, in order to celebrate the wedding of our niece Erica. Clip will be performing the wedding ceremony on June 12, and we return to Panamá on June 18. Please pray for our church family while we are away

CS 1María was baptized on Saturday, May 29. We were able to show a video of her baptism in each of the services the next day and present her with a certificate of baptism. Please pray for María as she grows in her faith. 


CS 2

Below: Helen (left) and Sara (right) were two of the people who joined IBCV on June 6. In these photos, they are signing our church covenant. We were not able to get a group photo of everyone who joined the church, because we had new members in each of our three services.

 CS 3CS 4 

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