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Suddeth Family Ministry Update

Suddeth Blog Image July 2021

Dear Friends and Partners in Ministry,

Updates on Iglesia Bautista de Costa Verde Last month we wrote that we were ready to see the end of the Sunday quarantine, and the following week the quarantine was lifted. Everyone who is a part of the church was so glad to be able to worship again on Sundays! Thank you for praying with us!

We also wrote that as of August 16, we would be a church without a place to meet. Therefore, on August 22 and 29, we had our Sunday services over Zoom, and there was good participation both days. While we are thankful for Zoom, it is not the same as being together as the local body of Christ. However, we now have a new place to meet each Sunday! We had our first service in a movie theater on September 5. Again, thank you for praying with us!

Suddeth Sept 1 2021The Lord has been so kind to provide us with this place to meet. There are several benefits this movie theater offers us. It is about 2 miles from our home. It’s in our community. It’s less expensive than the other room we were renting. The capacity is larger (we are allowed up to 90 people, which means we can have one service). It’s on the Pan-American Highway, making it an easier commute for those who have to use public transportation. The acoustics are so much better, which means the people can hear the preaching much better. (We were always battling problems with the echo in the other location.) In summary, God has given us a good place to meet!

Ministry in San Antonio Mary, Isaac, and I returned to the Wounaan community of San Antonio on Saturday, August 28. We spent about two hours teaching and answering their questions. Based upon some of the questions they had asked from our first visit, I thought it would be good to establish a clear, biblical understanding of salvation. It seems that many of them believe it is possible for someone to lose his or her salvation. Our goal is to constantly take them to the Word of God. We continually tell them, “We want for you to be able to trust us. However, please take what we tell you and then compare it to what the Bible says. If we say something that goes against God’s Word, please do not invite us back.” So far, they continue to invite us back.

Upcoming Opportunities
The next few weeks are shaping up to be busy. In addition to the regular commitments for the local church, here are a few

  • On Saturday, September 11, we will be returning to San Antonio. This time we will have a group of 16 from our church. One purpose for this day is to help create an opportunity for the people of IBCV to have more time together. Another
    purpose is to expose them to ministry outside of their context. A third purpose is to continue to teach the Bible in the community. As of right now, we are planning to teach about the topic What is Our Purpose.

  • On Saturday, September 18, we plan to go to the town of Chilibre. It is about an hour from us, but there is a group of believers from this town who have been attending our church for several months. We plan to have a baptismal service and
    share the gospel with people in the community. We would love to be able to help these brothers and sisters in Christ establish a local church in their own town.
  • On Saturday, September 25, I will be spending a few hours with a group of pastors. I have been invited by a pastor friend to teach and encourage these men.

Prayer Requests & Praises

  • We are so thankful to the Lord that the quarantine has been lifted and that our church has a place to meet.
  • Please pray concerning each of the ministry opportunities that we have over the next few weeks.
  • Please pray that we, as a family and as a local church, will boldly share the gospel and make disciples of Jesus.
  • Please pray that we can help others start biblical local churches.
  • That we, as a family, will remain faithful to the Lord with steadfast purpose.

Photos below are from our recent trip to San Antonio.  We take a 10-15 minute boat ride to arrive to the community.

Suddeth Sept 3 2021

Suddeth Sept 2 2021

Suddeth Sept 4



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