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The Telman Family - Answering God's Call to Uganda, East Africa

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One of the verses God gave us when He called us to Uganda was 1 Thessalonians 5:24, Faithful is He that calleth you, Who also will do it. We’re more and more thankful for the truth of this verse. As we move forward without Pastor JJ, God’s faithfulness remains constant. When we don’t understand, we can rest in His promise that He will do it as He said. Hallelujah!

Jim has continued the work Pastor JJ started with the street kids, meeting with them on Fridays to encourage them through God’s Word and to provide a meal. God has blessed this beyond anything we could have imagined to ask for. We had been meeting under a tree in Masaka, but God has now provided a room free of charge through another ministry that also cares for street kids. Some of the members of Bible college asked recently if they could go along to the meeting. This was about as encouraging to us as it was to the boys. The ladies that went shared their testimonies with them. Some of the older boys have expressed interest in attending Bible college, but it is difficult due to transportation. Last week, Jim began another extension of Bible college, meeting with those interested boys on Fridays before their regular meeting. It’s exciting to see God so faithfully not only continuing the ministry after Pastor JJ’s death, but growing it!

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Please continue to pray for these boys. Life is harder for them than we can even imagine! We were reminded of this recently when we got the news that one of the younger boys had died in his sleep apparently of AIDS. Our hearts are heavy with more loss. We hope that he is now rejoicing with Pastor JJ, and that we will see Derek again one day. Please pray for comfort and encouragement for the rest of the boys who were family to him.

God has also remained faithful in our school. We are enjoying having visitors here this week that are teaching in the Bible classes and playing with the kids in their PE classes and after school. Time with visitors is always a special time for the kids!

We have been excited to see God’s faithfulness so clearly in church as well. Attendance has remained strong, and several men have stepped forward to fill voids left by Pator JJ. He was a great leader, and many were content leaning on him. We’re thankful that instead of falling away, they are taking over as leaders in different areas. His legacy and God’s work will continue through them!

telman august 2.PNGAmanda is now a high school graduate. She is in the States working for the summer, then she will head to Hungary in September to attend Word of Life. We appreciate all of you who are so faithfully praying for her through this time of transition. Please continue!


telman august 3.PNGAs you know, Michelle had taken John to America for surgery to remove a cataract he had developed due to an injury. It didn’t work out to have the surgery while there. We were confused, but we trust that God has a better plan. We are trying to understand where and when God wants us to go for the surgery, understanding it would be better to have sooner rather than later. We are praying that it will work out to go somewhere in August as our schedule is full after that until at least November. Again, we appreciate the many who have been praying, and we ask you to continue!

We are not only thankful for God’s faithfulness, but also the faithfulness of all of you who continually support us through your prayers and through your finances. May you be overwhelmed by God’s goodness as He blesses you for your faithfulness!

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