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The Terry Family - July 2017 - Party Time

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Party Time...

We recently had a meal to celebrate the second anniversary of our team. We invited all the players and the kids who practice with us. We hired someone to cook two kinds of soup and a full bag of rice to make sure there was plenty of food. They were supposed to play a football game between Real Madrid fans and Barcelona fans, but they ate too much and changed their minds quickly! A lot of our players usually do not eat that much at their homes. Most of the boys are required to contribute to their households by selling in the markets, digging sand, or making bricks. If they do not contribute, they do not eat.  So, they were happy to be able to eat all they could that day. Normally we close the team for a few months while the rain is here, but they want to keep playing so we will play on. This Saturday we will be playing/preaching in Gold Camp so please pray for us. 
Terry July Update 1
We have changed our practice schedule now.  Wednesday nights are a youth only Bible study at the video club. We have had two meetings with some promising signs. On the day of the first meeting we only had about 3 people, but by the time we really started we had about 20. We skipped the second week because of the Liberian Independence Day, but the following week another 20 came. One young man, who is new, asked me if we would be doing the Bible study all the time because he doesn't go to church anywhere but wants to come on Wednesdays. So hopefully we will be able to reach out to those outside the church.  We are collecting an offering every week for the sole purpose of helping other people in need. I told them I will triple whatever they collect, and so far they have about 600 LD which is about $5.80. When we add our portion we will have enough to buy a bag of rice for a blind widow woman in town. I initially told them we should be helping people and they came up with the offering idea. I am proud of the way they seem to be taking things into their own hands. Please pray for these young men that a fire for Jesus will catch and God will use them.
We have been going through the book of Romans in our monthly leadership training and also in our Sunday night youth Bible Study. They are learning the same things but the youth study has required work they must complete. I try and ask them the hardest theological questions I can to make them think about what they are reading. So, every study I create a question packet they must complete. I grade their papers and they are competing against each other for the best grade. I recently gave both groups a quiz over the first four chapters of Romans and the youth outscored the leadership training group easily. I am going to ask the youth Bible study guys if they want to start leading in the Wednesday night Bible study. I want them to get used to the idea of serving and praying for each other. Please pray for these young men by name, Ojuku Kollie, Samuel Farr, Nanvah Vulwulu, and Numieh Kollie. 

Terry July Update 2

Friends of Coal but not of each other...

The picture above is not just a steaming pile of dirt. It is a business for a lot of people in Liberia. This pile of dirt is really a large pile of wood they have covered with leaves and dirt and are burning to sell as charcoal. The church in Bellimue is currently burning coal to sell to help with the construction costs of the church building. They currently have $700 dollars to build their building and they are taking the initiative to use the property they have to supplement their money. In recent months, we had a devastating setback, the man who was in charge of the money at the church allegedly stole it. Thankfully, it was only about $140 and not the full amount. I am in possession of the remaining $700 because you cannot really trust people with money here. I initially had the full amount and would give them what they needed to make purchases when they asked for it. It is shameful because I always thought him to be one of the more mature ones in the group but I guess I was wrong. The people brought their complaint to me to help solve the dispute, so I have been trying for several weeks now to resolve the issue. I have been part of several gatherings where someone is accused of stealing money here and the accused always acts the same. They act like their character has been egregiously assaulted. They become incensed that they would ever be accused of such a thing. They very arrogantly claim they can produce the money at any time (but never do), and they begin to pick out the flaws in others as if to justify their actions.  If the matter is pressed, they begin to attack your christian character in a very Pharisaical way, in order to put you on the defensive. It usually ends up that the person accusing gives up and apologizes to the person who stole, fearing they have done something wrong; or the relationship ends. In our case the relationship has ended. The man accused has not been back to the church since the meeting claiming he was insulted. Life has moved on at the church there as they try to recover from the fallout. Whenever something like this happens to a church it makes an excuse for those outside the church not to come. To truly be involved in sharing the Gospel means to be involved in all the messy details of people's lives and working through them the best we can, trying to mirror Christ and encourage people along the way. Please pray for the church in Bellimue, that God would establish them there.

"Becky is here...!"

That is what our girls said when our good friend Becky arrived to start her first term as a single missionary to the women/girls of Liberia. We spent a few days helping her purchase her needed appliances and set them up. The girls love her because she does a Missionary Kids girls only Bible study. It is highly exclusive, but our girls love it. They absolutely need something extra. The boys get to play sports, but the girls really have nothing they can go and do. So, they all get together and bake cookies, play games, study the Bible and get away from the house for a while. It really is a highlight of the for them. After their first meeting, our girls were pressing Becky to tell them when the next MK Bible study was going to be. There are currently 11 MK girls here and they all adore her. Julia is thinking about working along with Becky in some outreach to teen girls as well.  We are so happy she is here, she truly is a blessing to our family and the other families here.

Constantly knocked down...

I would like you to please pray for my health. Life has not been easy here, and I seem to be constantly getting sick with one thing or another. I have insomnia often and a variety of viruses and other things seem to be plaguing me constantly. My current flavors of the month are constant severe headaches, sore neck, sore throat, joint pain, fatigue, and a nagging pain in my right side. It is not enough to keep me in the bed, but bad enough to effect day to day life. Please pray that God will allow me to be healthy for a while. 

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