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The Wears Family Update

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This summer my sister and her family spent the summer working at the revitalized Northland Camp. In July she took a week to visit with family in Michigan. Our children had an opportunity to tease their Aunt Dani and I had the opportunity to get coffee with my sis––and tease her a little also. It was a good, yet quick time together. She went back to Northland to finish her summer. After returning home on Monday, August 7, she was beginning to re-engage with non-camp life. That next Wednesday morning I received a phone call from my step-father: “Danielle had a heart attack. She’s in ICU.”

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That evening, after about 8 hours of driving, my parents and our family arrived in Des Moines, Iowa. We all got to see Danielle one last time. I even got stay the night with her the night before her 29th birthday. On Danielle’s birthday Michelle, the kids and my mom all got to sing “Happy Birthday” to her about an hour before she went to be with the Lord. 
After the dust has started to settle it is becoming more clear that Danielle likely died of a rare, genetic heart disorder called LQTS. The symptoms are passing out, seizures and Sudden Cardiac Arrest. It’s treatable and you can learn more at

When we got home I visited my family doctor to see if I had the same disorder. He referred me to a cardiologist who then referred me to an electrophysiologist (EP). The EP isn’t sure the best way to treat this, whether with beta-blockers alone or also with an ICD (think pacemaker), so he has referred me to another EP with U of M. As a result of this I am supposed to avoid strenuous exercise, so no running.
Our Prayer Requests: That the U of M EP would see no need for an ICD and rather legitimately change my diagnosis from LQTS to something less serious. Also we ask for prayer that our children would not have LQTS.
Our Praise: God has blessed our family with another partnering church: Fellowship Bible Church of Howell, MI. That puts us at about 60% so we need just 17 more churches to partner with us at $150/month. Lord willing we would like to be in Portugal by August of 2018.

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