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The Wears in Portugal - Something New

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“For most people, being away from home is a vacation. But for us, being home is a vacation.” Alaithia said this to us one day as we were anticipating being home for the holidays. We chuckled, but it is so true! Our time at home for Thanksgiving and Christmas was definitely a vacation and it was just what we needed. We thank God for the time to rest and enjoy being at home.

We were also blessed to celebrate the holidays with family. We spent time with both David’s and Michelle’s parents and our kids immensely enjoyed this!

For our devotional time on Christmas day we were reading through the birth of Jesus and how he would return and rule the world. Karis asked an important question that day: “How can I know that I will go to heaven?” We were able to share with her about salvation once again and we prayed with her. Her question brought tears to our eyes as this is something she has really been thinking through. Please pray for her - and for all of our children - as we continue to teach to them the importance of obeying God in all things.

We are so excited to tell you of a few new financial partners in our ministry! First Baptist Church of Shelbyville, Il & Hazelwood Baptist Church of Clayton, In, and three individuals that have partnered with us to take the gospel to Portugal. (Interesting side note, we visited both of these churches on the same day back in 2016. What a blessing to have both of them take us on for support!) This brings us to about 41%!

And as always, we thank you all for your prayers. You are a great encouragement to us and we thank God for you!

Privileged to Serve,

David & Michelle Wears

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What a joy it was to spend the day with you yesterday. The class you spoke to enjoyed you and your presentation. Jay and I wish we could have been there. We will be in prayer for you and your family, please do the same for us.

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