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The Year in Review

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The Year in Review: 2019 was one of our best years ever! The Lord gave us much fruit in many different areas. Allow me to share the highlights.

Focus Church Budapest:
One year ago in January, Charin and I met with two other couples to begin planning the planting of a new church in Budapest. We had no name for the church, no location and no people. But we did have a call from the Lord and the faith to believe that this was all a part of His plan. One year later on January 19th Focus Church Budapest met in a beautiful rented building with about 55 people in attendance. After the service most of our 31 committed members were present for our first church business meeting. What a blessing to see how the Lord led and provided each step of the way! We are beginning 2020 with three weeks of prayer and fasting. We are praying for the Lord to double our attendance, our membership and our giving in 2020. Please join us in prayer for these things!

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Esztergom Baptist Church:
Despite our attention being focused on the new church plant in Budapest, we had one of our best years ever at our church in Esztergom. We had 5 baptized and added a total of 9 new members. We also saw our weekly attendance increase by about 20 per week. Offerings were up about 30%. There is a spirit of unity and anticipation in the church, as we see what the Lord is doing. Our goal for Esztergom this year is to get our new people integrated into small groups and areas of service. We also want to have a better presence in the community outside the walls of our church.

National ministry:
I continue to partner with two Hungarian pastors in leading the Vertical Church movement in Hungary. Our national conference drew 700 participants from 140 different chuches. We also held regional conferences in Serbia, Romania and Eastern Hungary touching hundreds more. In 2020 in addition to the conferences, we are also holding special days of training in the areas of small groups, Biblical soul care, assimilation and worship. God continues to use this movement to stir the fires of revival and God-centered ministry.

Patton Jan 20 2Family time:
This past year brought many changes within our family. Our oldest daughter Nancy got married and she and her husband moved to California. Our son Ben and his wife moved to Zanzibar, Africa to begin their ministry there. Esther began her junior year of college in Jacksonville, Florida. Hannah is now in her senior year of high school here in Hungary and preparing to head off to college in the States this summer. We were very glad to have three of our kids here for Christmas. We value each opportunity we have to be together!