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This Time Last Year

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I don't know if you have the app TimeHop or not, but I check mine everyday. It's one of the few things that I have done everyday for the last 500+ days. TimeHop connects to your social media accounts and shows you all your memories across each channel.

This day's TimeHop got me really excited and made me laugh at how cool God is.

Last year a student and I put together a basketball outreach through our church, and he invited a lot of friends to play ball, eat pizza, and hear us share the Gospel. It was an awesome time and I was excited to see this student making moves to be used by God to reach his friends.

Fast forward to 2020 and all the Covid that came with it. Now it's a new school year for our team at Hixson High School, but we found out early in the year that we wouldn't be able to get on campus right now. With all of the restrictions and a new principal, it just wasn't in the cards to be able to go to campus this semester. We are praying next semester will yield different results, but for now our team started thinking outside of the box on how to get in front of students.

With so many of my students from church attending Soddy Daisy High School and we have members who are teachers there, it made sense to try and figure out a way to get around those students too. With my basketball background and two of our students on the basketball team, my family pastor got me connected with the varsity basketball coach.

I walked into the gym one day after school to speak with the coach. I had learned that he was a believer and a pastor and he seemed happy to speak with me. He asked me what I wanted to do on the team and I simply said, "I want to serve you guys in any way possible and look for opportunities to make an impact on the guys. I'm not expecting to be a coach or to have a title." After we talked a little bit he decided that he wanted to make me an ACTUAL assistant coach! I walked away very excited and feeling great about the opportunity. I hadn't expected this at all and God had just opened up this huge volunteer opportunity in a matter of minutes.

The last few months have been really cool learning how to be a coach, and getting around 20-25 guys for 2+ hours every day.

Last week, our team participated in a Thanksgiving tournament in north Georgia. After our first game was over Monday night, I got into my car pulled up my phone and found out something really amazing. Thanks to TimeHop, I had just realized that I was coaching guys that I had shared the Gospel with 1 year ago at that basketball outreach!!! I started laughing at how crazy all this was. We did a one-time outreach and here I was around the same guys I had met a year ago. The crazy thing is that I didn't even realize who some of these guys were! As I zoomed in on the picture, I started counting all the guys I knew that were on the team. Truly amazing!

Please be in prayer for me over the next couple of months as I'm a volunteer basketball coach. The season only lasts so long, and with everything Covid related I pray our season doesn't get cut short. This means my time with these guys everyday is limited. I spent time praying yesterday that God would give me an opportunity off campus to be around some of these guys and share the Gospel with them. There are several guys on the team that have gravitated towards me, and I pray I take full advantage of my time with them.

Please be praying for one of our students on the team. He has a big heart and wants to see God move in people's lives. I pray that God uses him to reach these guys as I help facilitate.

Thanks for reading!

-Josh, Rebecca, Maverick, and Nova

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