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Time to Build!

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Raise the Wall!

Well, here in Brazil that's what we say when we're ready to build! We have been working little by little on our new permanent facilities that will house our church's ministry activities. We are very excited about moving forward with the next phase of construction. 

The next phase includes the following steps:
1) Pouring the slab of the foundation; 
2) Constructing the support beams and columns; 
3) Building the external brick walls. 

As soon as those steps have been completed we will put the metal roof on the building.  

To complete this phase of construction, our church here in Brazil has begun the campaign to "raise the walls". We are asking our church members to sacrificially give to purchase materials. They are jumping on board and participating. They're also coming up with other fund raiser ideas to help with these costs. 

We would like to ask you to consider helping as well. The materials that we are asking you to help with are.... 

- Cement - 380 bags - $5.75/bag - total $2,185.00 

- Sand - 45m3 - $12.33/m3 - total $554.85

- Gravel - 40m3 - $17.26/m3 - total $690.40

- Rebar 5mm - 168 bars - $2.47/bar - total $414.96 

- Rebar 6,3mm - 55 bars - $3.56/bar - total $195.80 

- Rebar 8mm - 76 bars - $5.48/bar - total $416.48 

- Rebar 10mm - 71 bars - $8.22/bar - total $583.62

- Rebar 12,5mm - 25 bars - $13.70/bar - total $342.50

With just a little help from all of you then we can make this happen quickly. One bag of cement is only $5.75. Ten bags is only $57.50!

Would you consider how you can help us move forward with our church building so that we can better fulfill God's mission here in Barreiras, Brazil? 

To make your donation, you may visit the "Barreiras Project" page. 

Thank you for your prayers, support and encouragement. 

Taking the Light of Christ to Brazil, 
Josh, Melissa, Troy, Eli, Alec, Joshua, Liam & Lívia 

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