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Tribal Travels

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From our home in Costa Rica to an Indian village in the jungle involves travel by jet, bus, canoe, and hiking to arrive at the designated village. For the next several days, the river will be our bath, and the hammock our bed. The food is prepared in a big pot over an open flre. People will walk for 6-8 hours from distant villages to attend these seminars, receive their first Bible, and a Messenger (audio Bible). What a privilege to teach these eager students!

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Turner Oct 19 4The Messenger, provided by In Touch Ministries, Atlanta, GA, continues to be a wonderful tool in our ministry. This solar-powered apparatus, about the size of a cell phone, contains an audio Bible (both OT and NT) as well as sermons and Biblical principles. The illiterate and blind are very appreciative of this gift. National pastors clamor for a Messenger, first to listen and receive further teaching and encouragement, and then to give it to someone in a remote village. I receive constant requests from indigenous pastors to bring more Messengers...there are never enough to meet the demand!

Lynn is a real blessing to the Indian ladies. She is able to minister to them in ways that are beyond a man's ability. Many will open their hearts to her and then to the Lord for His help. They invite us to eat a very simple meal with them...plantain, chicken or fish, rice and beans. It is a great time of fellowship and service!

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Opportunity for Participation...
Before leaving for the jungle, we fill our duffle bags with items they can’t obtain--eyeglasses (various strengths from 1.00 to 3.00), crayonscoloring books about Jesusmagic markersstickerssmall packets of peanut butter, and the most sought-after gift---headlamps and flashlights! Perhaps you would like to fill a small box with these items and mail it to our furlough address....
Russell Turner, 1089 Harvest Knoll Lane, Soddy Daisy, TN 37379.

Thank You

This is what YOUR partnership with us is doing among the indigenous tribes of Latin America.

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