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Unity in Sevilla

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Family Life We are doing well here in Sevilla! The boys are back in School and Mike and Jen are back at teaching in the english academy. There are still a ton of Covid related restrictions, but we are happy, healthy and grateful to God for His provision in these uncertain times.

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In other news, the Peters Family Adoption is also going well. We are about to be officially matched with two specific children in Liberia. Jen has carried a majority of the burden in tracking down grants and dealing with all the bureaucracy involved. Check out our Facebook adoption page for regular updates, info and to see how you can get involved! 

Church Life Oasis International Church has now celebrated 2 years of existence and may all glory be to Christ! He has caused us to weather crisis and change and He has even brought us greater unity and passion for His glory in our community. Pray for us as we are currently working on a formal membership process with our church's statement of faith and membership covenant.

Peters Nov 4Due to another Covid outbreak, we are once again relegated to online services on Sunday. Be that as it may, we have seen God work in the hearts of some of the men here at Oasis. Both Cayetano and Davíd have recently enrolled in online seminary as they believe God would have them serve Him more deeply in a ministry capacity. Pray for them as they face opposition from within and without in relation to God's call on their lives. 

Outreach Cayetano, Viki and Mike have begun collaboration on an evangelistic podcast that will be purposed to engage the current culture here with the Gospel in a thoughtful and Christ centric way. Pray for us as we use it to combat the spiritual indifference that is prevalent in our Sevilla.

Finally, please be in prayer for our family and church here in Sevilla. God is at work and to Him alone be the glory! But, we continue to battle the opposition of sin in this world and even the sin that still remains in our flesh.

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As our church is working through a variety of spiritual weakness and sinfulness, we are studying Jesus in the book of Hebrews and seeing how He alone is better than any other relief or peace this world can offer.

Davíd and Santi Get Baptized

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