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Update from The Pruett's

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We are still in constant contact with Iglesia Bautista Refugio. This month, the church reached out to us for help. The mayor of the town came to Papo, the pastor, and asked the church, the only reliable church in the area, to help with the común de olla (community pot/soup kitchen). Many are still impacted by COVID and can not find work. The community has a food program to help those who cannot afford to eat, to have a meal either for free or for $2 a meal, based on income. The town is very low on funds and needs help providing food. The last time we raised funds, the church needed $1,000 to provide food for two weeks for every family in Huaycan de Cieneguilla. Our goal would be to raise this amount again, and for Iglesia Refugio to provide the food to the común de olla, to prevent any loss of funds. This will provide the común de olla two months worth of food, since they are not providing for the whole town but are only helping those who are most needy and the elderly.

Not only that, we have learned that the cooks, preparing the daily meal, are doing so in an open, small space at the top level of a staircase during their winter.We would like to help provide this town with food to prepare, but also provide a small building for the preparation of the food. The building will cost around $700, but prices may have changed since we last checked. The shelter is not the immediate need, but it will help the town tremendously.Pruetts July 2

We are raising these funds, not just to fill a humanitarian need, but to help the testimony of Iglesia Bautista Refugio and the further spread of the gospel. It speaks volumes that when the town is in need, they have reached out to our church, God’s ministry. The last time the church was able to help provide food, it opened many doors of spreading the gospel and we are eager to be a part of spreading the gospel again. If you are interested in helping us with both these endeavors, please make a special note while making a donation or feel free to contact us directly.

Lastly, we are still trying to raise our support. We are close to our goal but still need to raise 15% to be fully funded. Patrick has postponed his trip until August. This trip is very important to us and will help us decide the next step we are to take in our ministry. Please feel free to contact us via email at or through our Facebook page at “Pruetts in Peru” or our newest addition, Instagram at Pruetts_in_Peru. Most importantly, we are thankful for your support. We cannot do what God has asked us to do without you. Thank you!!

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