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Update from the Stetsons

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Dear praying friends,

This morning I pulled a filing box off of a shelf, full of newspaper and magazine articles about the tragic events of September 11, 2001 in the United States. The first thing I saw was a piece of paper where I had noted the names of many French friends who called, came, or sent notes to express their concern and support for us following those horrific events. We read those names aloud, and were reminded of the precious blessing of having friends in times of trial and distress.

Thank you for praying for us as Paul and I seek to be such friends to others who are going through difficult times in their lives. This opens the door for a Christian witness to those who need to be saved. A couple of Sundays ago, J., a friend who has been attending the church in Borny for several years, announced at the end of the service that he had trusted the Lord Jesus as Saviour! We were all so thrilled, and the joy on his face was evident. May the Lord guide J. as he seeks to follow the Lord and study His Word now.

Our neighbor A. (saved and baptized a few years ago) encourages us by her desire to visit friends and share the Gospel with them! May the Lord raise up more French Christians willing to do this!

In early August it was a thrill to spend a few days in Eisenach, Germany, the birthplace of Johann Sébastien Bach, and also a town where Martin Luther lived for a few years. Fascinating history!

On August 28 we held a barbecue at our home for the people in the Metz-Borny church. We have a large balcony/terrace, so were able to seat many of the 30 people present outside. It was a rich time of Christian fellowship! As a general rule, we will help at the Borny church the first Sunday of each month, at the Laon church the second and fourth Sundays, and at the Creutzwald church the third Sundays. We need the Lord’s strength and wisdom to effectively serve in these three churches, and are still praying about a possible move next year to Laon, about three hours away from Metz. This is a huge decision for us, after close to 35 years in Metz.

Just a few days ago we attended a coffee-time offered by the mayor’s office in our village, for people over 65. We were very happy to meet and speak at length with a couple about our age. They live near us, and seem open to talking about the Bible, so we would appreciate your prayers for M. and Mme G.

In a couple of weeks we will have the joy of receiving friends from the States who have supported us for several years in our mission work! We are so excited, and are busy preparing for their two-week stay with us.

With our very grateful appreciation for your love and prayers,

Paul and Glenda Stetson

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