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Update from Patrick & Teresa Pruett

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Dear Co-laborers in Christ,

Happy Independence Month! Though we celebrate our countries Independence day on July 4th, we were able to celebrate Peru’s Independence day on the 28th. We tried to use this as an opportunity to reach out to those who work in our apartment building by handing out cupcakes and extending thanks for their hard work. We have been reaching out to those who work in the building since we arrived, but the turnover rate for our front guard is high. We want to make sure that each security guard is given a chance to hear about Christ and shown the love of the Lord, so we are trying to use every excuse to reach out to them.

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Our busy month started off with Patrick filling a need at a Christian school. Since one of the teachers went on maternity leave a bit earlier than expected, Patrick was able to jump in on short notice and help out. Not only did he have a chance to teach History and English, but he was able to explain some of the Bible's history to fifth graders.

Patrick also spent a great deal of time on getting the church building ready for our first service. The front of the church building was painted, the majority of the chairs, and a few tables, were purchased and set up. We were able to have banners printed along with tracks and invitations. We have started putting together the nursery, but even with all that accomplished, there is still so much more work to be done. The bathroom needs to be enclosed and the toilet might need to be replaced, and both back rooms need to be painted, decorated, and furnished completely. But, most daunting, is the work that the government is now requiring us to comply with, such as emergency lights, soil samples and more. Since the building is located in a historical area, there is still a possibility that the government will not allow us to start our services if they choose not to let us. Please pray that we are able to have our first service on September 4th without any complications and that we are able to comply with every area the government requires.

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We have started to hand out tracks and invitations for our first service. By doing so, we have more of a feel of the kind of people in the area of the church. This area does not seem like a dangerous area, but we have found the people enjoy drinking heavily on weekends. Patrick has already had some interesting interactions while handing out tracks. He has had some hugs and some very confusing conversations, but we pray that
we will be able to reach those in Barranco and ask for prayer to soften their hearts to hear the gospel.
As for our family, July has been an eventful month for us. We were able to celebrate Isa’s second birthday on the 16th, as well as Teresa’s birthday on the 25th. We were so excited to finally take Isa to see a zoo for the first time. Patrick is still struggling with some health issues, but we have found some of the triggers that cause him discomfort and are working on lowering his stress levels. Ezra is growing faster than we imagined and is experiencing his first cold along with his beloved sister. Thank you for all your prayers and support. Please feel free to contact us via email.  Thank you!