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Update from the Manns

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Summer of Harvest

141 people received Christ over the summer months!

How important is our network of ministry partners?  Well, the primary role each of you have in this work is intercessory prayer.  Does prayer work?  Yes!  I have no better explanation for what has taken place over the past few months.  I certainly don't want to boast in our planning and implementation of ministry programming.  On any given day I am convinced there are dozens of people who go into the presence of God on our behalf - and I see the results of what God is doing.  The most important thing I can share through our update letters is the effectiveness of what you are able to accomplish through your faithful prayers and support.  We do not take this lightly.

As you can see above, 141 people have passed from death unto life in Christ over a very short period of time.  (For those who were praying for our second camp week we saw 24 campers receive Christ and 14 so far have followed the Lord in believer's baptism)!  God has blessed a multifaceted approach - evangelistic preaching, door-to-door soul-winning, gospel-centered youth camps, and believers faithfully sharing Christ in their everyday lives.  All over the world, the church is trying to find its footing in the midst of these unprecedented times.  Sadly, Satan has divided God's people in a time when the door has been opened for us to speak life to a dying world.  Would you allow me to encourage you today to go and share Christ with someone who needs him now? Whitewater Linked Youth Camp 2021 pictured below.mann1a

From Satan's Grip to God's Hand!

Family with demon-possessed son reaches out for help

Pastor Paul called me recently to share a very sad story.  A family near him has been dealing with a son who is clearly demon-possessed.  We see this all too often in our ministry.  Paul was called in to help this family bound in Satan's grip.  One cannot imagine the darkness they felt in not knowing Christ and seeing their son ravaged by an enemy who hates with a passion.  Paul's first instinct was to witness Christ to these dear people.  The mother and father did not have a hard time seeing their need for Jesus.  Paul had the wonderful privilege to lead these folks to Jesus.  Please pray for their son and many others who need liberation. Below: Sebai Camp 2021 mann1bGreg & Wendy Mann