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Update from the Pardine's

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"As a fisherman, casting his net out into the water, Jesus was asking them to cast the gospel message out to people and try to catch men's hearts."

"Fishing is unpredictable.  There is no guarantee of reward.  It requires patience and risk.  In faith, the fishermen would throw their nets into the deep water, letting it sink into the lake out of sight, and hoping that the reward for their efforts would be a catch!

Fish will not jump into the boat. Fishers must search for them and take a risk by throwing their nets into the water. Could they possibly go through a bunch of work and never get a single fish? Absolutely.  That happened multiple times in Scripture. But the risk was worth the reward."

Seminary Life - Urubamba

As we continue to fish for the Lord here in Peru we are excited to see young people desire to serve the Lord in full time ministry. In the first week of August the second semester begins and the students will switch from 3-week-long modules to semester-long classes. Along with the continued supervision of the men, Eric will teach two doctrines courses during the semester. Pardine July 1Please pray for the students as they adjust to a new schedule and juggle working on campus, homework, etc. Pray for Jose and his family and Nely who are both here studying from our church.

Another aspect of our ministry here on campus is student discipleship. Between the two of us we have about a dozen regular discipleship meetings lined up for this semester along with the possibiliity of an evangelistic Bible study with the local police chief and his wife. Please pray for these opportunities to not only be fishers of men but to help them grow spiritually. This requires a lot of scheduling, coordination, preparation, confrontation and sacrifice, but like the quotation said, it is well worth the risk to encourage and help others be more like Christ.

Church Life - Cusco

Being an hour and a half away from our church in Cusco is not ideal, but as you know, we have been holding virtual services since March of last year. The times that we have been able to meet in person have been few and far between. We praise God that we have been able to hold in-person prayer meetings for the past few months, and, now that our region has fewer cases of the virus, we are able to hold services on Sundays at 40% capacity. Please pray for us as we will be traveling back and forth to the city on the weekends for the next two months. Pray for the church to thrive again in attendance and giving.

Our church anniversary is coming up on August 30th which will also mark the end of our time at the church as we step down from the pastorate and leave it with the leadership team and the assistnt pastor, Ruben Illa.  Ruben is a graduate of the seminary who served for several years as a deacon and became the assistant pastor in 2017. He successfully led the church during our last furlough and will be taking the lead until the church decides whether or not they will call another lead pastor. Please pray for him and the leadership team, for wisdom, faithfulness, and direction. Also pray for a godly wife for Pastor Ruben.

Pardine July 2Our pastoral intern, Juan Jose, just recently got married and will be with the church until the end of the year. He has been a great help in planning, formatting and uploading the virtual services. Please pray for him and his wife Cristal as they seek the Lord's direction for the future.

Family Life - here, there and everywhere

Please continue to pray for the complete healing of Eric's leg. We were able to find a physical therapist here in town who is a great blessing. Eric has moved from two crutches to one and is able to bear weight on his leg and ankle. We have also been praying for Casandra's health to improve with the move to a lower altitude, and we praise God for the great improvement that we have seen despite the extra tasks of moving, rearranging the house, and Eric's limitiations due to his broken leg.

Also pray for our children, for the spiritual growth of Joshua and Steven, and the salvation of Gabriela and Judah. We have started our new school year in order to be finished early before our furlough next year. Pray for perseverance, diligence and, of course, obedience! Also pray for them as we transition out of the only church they remember attending faithfully and their home in Cusco. They have readily adjusted to the open fields of the seminary campus and we are thankful for the freedom to run and play as the pandemic continues here.
Pray for them as traveling back and forth requires a lot of packing and unpacking, changing schedules, different food, different beds and abrupt changes in altitude. This also affects Casandra's health. Pray for balance and wisdom in all things!

Pardine July 3Prayer Life - please join with us in praying for...

  • for the time of transition in Eternal Life Baptist Church in Cusco, for the leadership and for the spiritual growth and finances of the church
  • for the start of semester long seminary classes
  • for the return of the seminary students from vacation (they will quarantine for one week)
  • for the Rojas family (director of the seminary and pastor of the church here in Urubamba who are going on furlough in a few days)
  • for the opportunity to be fishers of men, our planned discipleships and possible Bible study. For our disciples to have the desire to teach others also
  • for the discipleship/salvation of our own children
  • for Casandra's health (diabetes)

To be a great fisherman it requires "hard work, patience, and the ability to not give up even when the catch was empty." We praise God for the opportunity to do as 2 Timothy 2:2 says, "And the things that thou hast heard of me among many witnesses, the same commit thou to faithful men, who shall be able to teach others also." The work is not always easy, and the results are not always immediate, but we press on toward the high calling of God on our lives and we thank your for your part in helping reach others for Christ.

In Him,
Eric and Casandra Pardine

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