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Update from the Sirmons


Dear Friends and Supporters,

We trust you are all doing well in the Lord, in spite of trials along our earthly pilgrimage. Let us bring you up to date with news of our summer.

The beginning of July, I took my first hormone deprivation treatment (adt) shot to weaken the prostate cancer. Then about a week later, I began 39 sessions of radiation treatment that finished on September third. I will be seeing the radiologist at the end of the year and will be taking another adt shot at the beginning of October. Pray that they got all of the cancer and that Lord willing, things will get back to normal.

July 10th, Judy was able to take 5 kids from our church, ages 8-15, to a Christian camp in the center of France. Another lady in the church was able to take her two down by train and then come back with Judy in the car. It was the first time these kids had ever been to a Christian camp, and we were so pleased that God allowed this experience for them. We believed it would truly help them get founded in His Word and give them the desire to live their lives for Him, all the while having camp fun! When Judy went back to get them 2 weeks later and asked them what they had thought of the camp, one simple word from the 15-year-old’s mouth made the 420-mile one-way trip more than worth it all. His immediate answer which seemed to sum it up for them all was: “Super!” We’ve already seen spiritual fruit in their lives. 

Family note: While the kids were at camp, Judy and I had 2 of our grandkids with us. Later, at the end of August, we got to have Celeste, another grandchild, with us for almost 3 weeks. We flew her back to Toulouse September seventh, after I finished my radiation treatments, and we were able to spend almost a week with Rebecca and Samuel and the 7 grandkids before flying back to Lille.

Back to July: On the 25th, we had the blessing of Fatma’s baptism. She’s a fairly new Christian, eager to grow in the Lord. We had our worship service that day, a meal with some of the church people, the baptism, and refreshments afterward. A real joy! But we also had an unwanted visitor. One of those in attendance was an asymptomatic person with covid. She didn’t know she had it, but it was enough for 13 church people to catch the virus. It was like a bad flu for most of us except for Madeleine (81-years-old), who ended up in the hospital. We praise the Lord He kept her for us! She is now recovering.  Judy and I had it too, but we were over it in about 10 days.

Another blessing: Getting over covid just in time, basically 4 families from our church were able to go to the Family Camp the last week of August! It was a real spiritually refreshing time for them. Even though Judy and I couldn’t go this year, we were really happy for them, especially so, because our young Christian lady Vanessa (of whom we’ve spoken previously) was able to join them as well! along with another young woman from the church. Pray for Vanessa’s continued spiritual growth!

As for our regular ministry activities, on Sunday mornings, we have our worship service in person, but we also put it on Facebook and Skype.  On Tuesday evenings we have a prayer meeting on Skype and a Bible study on Thursday evenings again on Facebook and Skype.  We also share some personal Bible studies with different ones.

Upcoming: We are going to restart a young people’s meeting for the teens, this time on every other Sunday afternoon. We have a number of young teens (or almost teens) coming up in the church.  We realize that it is very important at their age for them to be founded in the Word of God.  Possibly, Judy may teach a ladies’ Bible study at the same time, and the men and I will teach the young people.

We are also planning on putting together another video for Christmas, as we cannot put as many people in our church hall as before because of covid.  So the kids will do some short plays about Christmas, we will have the choir prepare some songs, and I will present the gospel message. We pray that we will do even better than last year and have more souls see it and be truly touched.

Normally, we visit the States every three years and this year should have been the year to travel, but because of my cancer treatment and also the unknowns with covid and traveling, we will plan on doing our visits to the churches in the States sometime next summer and/or fall.  In the mean time, if you would like, we can share our ministry by Skype (or other online programs) with your church or other informal meetings.

Again, we want to thank each of you for your prayers and support.  May our Lord bless you and may His work reach many with the gospel message by the preaching and teaching of His Word.

Yours in Christ,

Greg and Judy Sirmons