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Update from the Telman Family - Uganda

Perks of being an MK (3)

It's good to be back. We are working on getting resettled in our house and in the ministry. We're thankful for Pastor JJ, Maama Leighton, and some of the secondary school girls who added to their already busy schedules to fill in during our absence.  It's been a joy to see how faithful the Bible College students were in Jim’s absence and to see how much they learned under Pastor JJ’s teaching. Maama Leighton and the girls all worked to fill in for devotions in the girls’ dorm at night and teaching Sunday school. The kids did a play on our first Sunday back to show us and the church some of what they've learned. It was a great welcome home surprise!
Several days after we returned, a youth group from a church in Michigan came to visit. Their youth pastor & Jim went to church and school together when they were young, and their parents still attend church together. It was great for them to catch up. It was also nice for the wives to get to know each other. They brought guitars and taught some of the students and Amanda to play. The last church we visited in Tennessee also had a desire for the kids to learn guitar, and sent two with the group. Many of the kids here have wanted to learn to play for many years. It was fun to watch them learn and to see the joy on their faces.

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We have found some of the jjajas (elderly) have been dealing with difficulties that break

our hearts. Some of them have had health problems. One of our beloved jjajas was sick for a long time which turned out to be heart & liver failure. She finally went home to her  Saviour. We miss her so much here, but are thrilled at the thought of her being relieved of her hard life here and standing face to face with her Lord. Another of our jjajas had some severe flooding in her home. We have land to build a home for our jjajas so we are close enough to care for them, and their problems remind us how important it is to get it built.  Please pray for wisdom and finances so we can build according to God’s will.

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People here sometimes have a hard time letting go of their beliefs in the witch doctors even after they get saved. Sometimes it almost seems like they view them as regular doctors to go to for help when they have problems of any kind. Pastor JJ has been diligently teaching the truth, and it's been exciting to see people understanding and turning away from it. Some of them brought charms they still had from witch doctors, and Pastor JJ burned them in a service recently. Please continue to pray for the people here to understand the truth compared to the lies they've grown up believing.
The school is on a 3-week break now, and the orphans went home to their guardians. Most of them don't have Christian families and may face opposition of various levels. Please pray for them to stand strong in what they believe and for them to have answers always ready for the questions they will be asked. How exciting it would be if some of them came back with testimonies of leading family members to the Lord!

Our P-7 students will be coming back and starting earlier than the rest of the students because they are working hard to prepare for their PLE (Primary Leaving Exam) in November. Please pray for them as they study and then as they take their exam. We are praying for all first grades (As) again and that God will be glorified.

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We continue to thank God for each one of you who supports us through prayer and/or finances. We pray that God will bless you with rewards that only He can give. We look forward to seeing what God will do as we continue to serve Him together.

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