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Update from the Terry Family - Liberia

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We have had some ups and downs this month. I was able to see Julia sing for the first time in the church youth choir. She has been going to practice for a few months now but I was unable to see her sing because I rotate between villages preaching on Sunday. Unfortunately and fortunately I got malaria which caused me to miss a full week of activities including traveling to the village. I was too weak to drive to the village so I went to Liberty BC and was able to see her. I am so proud of her! When she first came here she was a little self conscious and afraid to participate in anything really but now she has blossomed into a social butterfly. She is more outgoing and is turning into a beautiful young lady. 

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The football team is practicing almost everyday. There is an air of excitement about this season. I am trying to get the team to have a goal, a dream, because the culture doesn’t really promote aspiring above your level. So I told them my goal was to see them beat a division three team this year. They are working hard to try and reach that goal. Every practice we take about fifteen minutes to read and discuss a portion of the Gospel of John. We will soon be giving memory verses for some of the sections we go through. My goal is for them to learn ten new verses this season. I always tell them I want them to be strong in their mind, body, and spirit. Please pray for the team this year. We also had a generous offer for a new and bigger football field. One of the pastors here has generously agreed to let us use a one acre plot of land for a new field! Praise the Lord! He also has already made arrangements for it to be leveled by an earth mover! Hopefully next month we will be practicing on our new field! Another person we work with has offered two plots of land nearby for a boys and girls club to be built there. So we are praying about where to build the clubhouse. We should have a better idea next month when the field is leveled and we measure it.

As I said above, I got malaria about two weeks ago. I started feeling really bad one night and started getting a fever so Jennifer checked my blood and two tests tested positive. Fortunately, we keep the medication on hand for just such an occasion so, I went on the treatment right away. Jennifer my wonderful nurse stayed up with me through the nights sponging away my fever and comforting me through the severe chills. It is a very strange thing to have chills when it is eighty degrees at night. Malaria is no fun. It really knocks you down. Even on the medicine I could hardly lift my head off the pillow for the first three days. Most of the week I just laid in the bed feeling bad. Praise the Lord I came through it fine and I am back to normal. Thank you all for praying for us!

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Just a few days ago we were able to participate in a day camp at Liberty BC. We were a little worried because when we got to the church there were only five children there and they were cooking food for about 250 people. Within a short time the children started coming in droves. At the end we estimated about 320 children came to the camp. We had mini games and relay races to start while the rest of the people were arriving. It was really funny to watch them play Twister. It was a little difficult because a lot of them did not know their right from their left so we had to coach them through it. I spoke for about twenty minutes about salvation, and the fruit of the Spirit. With the younger age children it is very difficult to reach them. Jennifer and I were discussing it afterwards. You can teach them, but it is almost like a stupor hangs over them. It could be that they are not used to my english, but I have witnessed the same thing even among Liberians. It is almost as if they don’t understand and you have to tell them several times before they actually acknowledge you. Jennifer seems to think that something developmentally is not taking place for one reason, or another. The good news is that Murphy was the one who answered all the questions. While Murphy has been here it has been difficult for all of us. As I have said before he never had any upbringing and was just on his own. We go week after week and wonder if we are getting through to him because we see little evidence of change. It can be very frustrating at times. So, I was surprised to see him raise his hand during the service and answer my questions correctly. Maybe something is sinking in and eventually he will be saved. We hope and pray that that will happen and ask that you would continue to pray along with us for Murphy’s salvation. After the teaching we had game time where we turned the children loose to play their favorite game dodgeball. Except they don’t play according to the rules: they basically pelt each other with balls until the time is up and no one is ever out. They played other games in the yard because you cannot have 320 children play dodgeball at once. Twenty, or thirty at a time was chaos enough! When we finished game time we fed the children and Jennifer helped to wash all 640 little hands before they ate. By the time we were finished cleaning up we were ready to just go home and sleep. All in all things went ok, but please pray that God would give us wisdom how to better reach the small children with the Gospel. I was not really satisfied they understood everything. A special thank you to Hands and Feet ministry for providing the food and Dr. Steve for organizing the event.

A New Rotation…

Since the passing of the late Pastor Varwulu I have been asked to help preach at Liberty BC. So now I am travel to two churches in the village and then taking a turn at our home church at Liberty. This past Sunday was my first time preaching at Liberty under the new schedule. We had a good turn out for what was not an easy message. I spoke about the topic, “Are you a friend of the world making yourself an enemy of God” out of James chapter four. The Spirit of God led me to highlight sinful practices within the culture that hinder the blessing and favor or God. There was a good response to the message. Several people came forward to confess their sin and turn back toward God. Please add Liberty to your prayer list.

Also, I would ask you to pray for the church in Foequellah. Since we started there we have encountered problems in one form, or another. The most recent issue is a man who invited people from a different church group to come to Foequellah and undermine the work we are trying to start. This man came to our service one time and was basically trying to make himself pastor of the church, or leader in some way. We quickly shut that down and explained to him how things work in our setting. He obviously did not agree because he never came back. So, now he is trying to start his own church and put himself in charge. He is also going all around the town spreading lies about us and trying to get our people to come to his gathering. He fed his group at our people’s expense and collected money from the town in the Baptist church’s name and then kept it. All this was done under the guise of people coming to help our gathering with this man being unnamed to us. It is a huge mess. I would ask you to pray that the judgement of God would fall upon this man who is obviously an enemy of Christ. Our enemy satan has tried and tried to extinguish our gathering there because there are a small group of dedicated Christians there who are working to reach their village. Please pray that God would tear down the stronghold of satan over the town of Foequellah.


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