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Update from the Wears

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We’ve been in the states since May and we are enjoying our time here! We have loved visiting with friends and family and eating foods that we have missed. Zoe didn’t remember what Chick-fil-A tasted like so we fixed that as soon as we could. She keeps wanting to go back, imagine that! We’ve eaten more blueberries than we can count (we’re pretty sure Michelle is going to turn into a blueberry pretty soon GRIMACING AND LAUGHING EMOJIS) And David has missed his coffee, of course, but we plan to return to Portugal in January so he should survive haha!
Some of you have asked about our reasons for returning to the states for furlough at this time. Why now?
First of all, Covid-19 was making things difficult (just like it was/is for all of you!) We felt like we really lost a lot of valuable time in Portugal with lock-downs, limitations, health issues, etc. 2020 honestly felt like a bit of a wasted year for us. Since we have to be in the states for 6 months every 5 years, we thought we would go ahead and reset that clock now.
Wears update
Secondly, if we desire to plant a church in Alcochete we will need to move to Alcochete and eventually rent a building. Housing is more expensive in Alcochete—roughly $800/mo more expensive. We have discussed these  needs (housing, church plant expenses, medical expenses) with our sending church pastors (Calvary Baptist) and the director of Global Faith and we need to increase our monthly support by $1,500/mo.

Lastly, as many of you know, Karis has some health issues (she is insulin dependent because part of her pancreas has died due to an auto-immune disorder) and we are getting much needed medical advice as well as praying about getting an insulin pump. Her appointments have gone very well so far and the main thing that all of the doctors are saying is that she should have the insulin pump. We thank God for leading us to good doctors and professionals because right now someone is working for us to figure out all the logistics of the pump. Please pray with us that we can get one that will work in Portugal!

We’ve been so encouraged these past few months by so many of you! We’re looking forward to seeing the rest of you soon!

Thank you for your prayers.