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The Suddeth Family Ministry Update

Copy of Suddeth_March 2021 Blog

We were able to meet in person for a worship service on March 7! We’re sure you can imagine the joy and the smiles behind each mask. For your Panamanian brothers and sisters in Christ, the joy and the smiles meant the weekend quarantine was over; we could finally meet together again.

The Lord answered your prayers about meeting together again! Now we would also like to give you some specific updates concerning other requests we shared. We also asked that you please pray that we would have wisdom to know what to do concerning meeting in the short term after the quarantine. We talked to the owner of the space we rented last year, and he agreed to a three-month contract. (In December, he wanted us to sign a long-term contract.) Therefore, God has provided us a place to meet through May, and we have more time to look for a place we can use all week long, not just on Sunday mornings.

We also mentioned that we were hoping to soon receive information about property in Costa Verde. On Tuesday, March 2, we received a proposal. The developers of Costa Verde are offering o sell to the church .86 of an acre of land. Here’s the catch - the asking price is $350,000. Granted, it is hard for a family from Soddy Daisy, TN, to imagine that price for a piece of land that size, but it is actually a fair price for the location. It is in a prime spot that would allow us to establish a strong gospel presence in Costa Verde for many years to come.

As a church, we are not in a financial position to make a solid offer, but we are in the process of scheduling another meeting with the developers. Why? We want to be as informed as possible, we want to share our plans for a church in Costa Verde with the developers, and we want to see what the Lord can do. In fact, we know that if the Lord wants us to have this land, He will receive all the glory! We hope to have this meeting by the middle of March.

It’s all about glorifying God and making disciples. Of course, not every day has a fairy-tale ending, and we never want to communicate otherwise. Nevertheless, it is encouraging to see people who are excited to worship together, who are excited to study the Bible, and who are excited to invite others to church and to the Savior.

As always, thank you so much for your prayers! God has answered many of your prayers. Please continue praying with us and for us.

Prayer Requests & Praises

  • Due to the number of people who attended our in-person worship service on March 7, we will have two services beginning March 14. We praise the Lord for this situation, but we also ask for prayers as we begin two services.

  • We praise the Lord for the good attendance in our weekly Bible studies. Please pray that believers in our community will grow in grace, wisdom, and knowledge.

  • Please pray for several neighbors with whom we are building relationships and sharing the gospel. Specifically, please pray for one young man with whom Clip has been meeting on Friday mornings at 10:00. Clip has presented the gospel to him, and he has a lot of questions.

  • Please pray that the Word of God would go forth in Costa Verde and that many people would put their trust in the Lord.

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