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Vertical Church Conference

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Greetings from Hungary. Spring is finally beginning to break through. We are looking forward to better weather and a great season of ministry.  

Vertical Church Conference:

The month of March was definitely dominated by our conference which was held March 16-17th in Kecskemét, Hungary. If I could describe it with only one word, I would choose the word amazing! Our goal for the conference was to not only talk about Vertical Church, but to actually experience it. What would it be like if 400 Christian leaders and workers would unite to seek the glory of God through passionate worship, fervent prayer and Spirit-filled preaching? We truly felt like God’s presence was there in a special way.

Patton 1 March

Many pastors and leaders said that the conference was life-changing for them. Here is a brief exerpt from a letter we received:

"I have attended many conferences in my life, where I heard many good things, but this conference was different. God was present. The theme was vertical church and you modelled this for us, and we experienced exactly what the speakers spoke about: God’s glory showed up in our midst. And I arrived home changed...”

The conference also had a powerful affect on our church in Esztergom. Our worship team was very involved leading worship in two of the sessions. All of our leaders were also present, as well as a number of our members. We pray that our church in Esztergom will be an example and inspiration to other churches in Hungary.

It has also been interesting to see the continued "after-affect” of the conference. The services were live streamed and several hundred people followed online during the conference. Since then, the five services have been watched more than 17,000 times on youtube (an average of more than 3,000 per sermon), and invitations continue to come in to speak on this subject in churches and conferences across Hungary. I even received a letter inviting me to speak to some Hungarian pastors and leaders in the Ukraine. God is working, and we continue to seek His guidance in how to respond and continue moving forward in this area. I am thankful for my two Hungarian pastor friends who co-hosted the conference with me: Samuel Mike and Barnabas Uzonyi. I am also thankful for the team from Harvest Bible Chapel in Granger, Indiana who came to help with the conference. Please pray with us for continued fruit and guidance!

Patton 2 March

Esztergom worship team with Micah Klutinoty helping out.

Patton 3 March

Trent Griffith preaching with Attila Zeman translating

Patton 4 March

Worship being led by the Pécel Baptist Church worship team.

Patton 5 March

Shot of the crowd.

Patton 6 Marc

Patton 7 March

Main Speakers from left to right: Cristian Barbosu, Samuel Mike, Marc Patton, Barnabas Uzonyi and Trent Griffith.


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