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When we first started deputation, it was just David and Michelle who were called to follow Christ to Portugal. Well, as parenting goes, our kids have been forced to go on this journey with us. They’ve had to leave their beds and toys nearly every week for days and sometimes even for weeks. They’ve had to travel for hours, sleep in strange beds, sometimes sitting through more services in a month than most adults could handle. 

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Sometimes they’ve complained, thrown fits, and mis-behaved all to our embarrassment because it was in front of you. (Because they didn’t know that it was better to complain, throw fits or mis-behave when no one was watching like we do : ) To be honest, overall our kids have done well on deputation and its been a good journey for them as they have learned so much about our amazing country. 

However, the highlight of deputation for us in regards to our children has been to watch them become involved in ministry out of their own volition. We’ve seen our kids share the gospel with other kids, set up our display table, run slide shows for kids, and lead other kids in a game of “Nuno Says”. Are our kids perfect? Absolutely not, they are our children. But it is wonderful to see them ask questions, volunteer to serve, and to grow spiritually. They are becoming such great examples for others and us as they strive to be little Christs. We ask that you would continue to pray for our growth spiritually, but also for our kids that they would have a genuine desire to serve Christ out of their own heart.

We are also grateful to God for Bright Hope Bible Church of Potterville, MI, Bible Baptist Church of Berre, VT and Open Door Baptist Church of Greensburg, PA for partnering with us. We are at 91% (3 church partners at $150/mo) and have scheduled our Commissioning Service for Friday, August 3, 2018. Lord willing we will leave in August. 

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