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We Covet Your Prayers!

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Dear friends, 


We are starting slowly to settle into a semblance of a routine with our 4 kids. At the end of the day we are invariably tired, but we count our children as some of the greatest blessings from the Father of lights. Havva is doing well, and so are our 3 boys. We continue to face new challenges as parents. A few days ago, on our way to school Liam asked me: “why do all my friends have black hair?” I had never thought about how to answer that question or the questions possibly underlying the one he asked. We need wisdom as parents, and we continue to covet your prayers. 

 Grenade Family with Havva!

We would also appreciate your prayers for a young man in our church named J--. He recently graduated from High School, and he told me that he feels called to the ministry. I cannot adequately express how encouraging that news was for me personally. But we would appreciate your prayers for him, as he considers ministerial preparation in answer to God’s call upon his life. He would like to consider the option of going abroad, but if that is not possible, pray for him and for our church, as it considers how best to fulfill the responsibility of preparing its own for the ministry. 


Many of you have asked me about my father’s health amidst assurances of your continued prayers for him. He has had one appointment with his cardiologist since being back, and he will see him  again soon with some blood test results. We will find out then if the cardiologist has any concerns at that point. My dad’s strength and stamina are not what they used to be. He is not able to do as much as he used to do, but our church is happy to have him back especially for the pastoral aspects of the ministry. 


This past week a man named I--- came to our house to do some electrical work, and I had a good opportunity to share the Gospel with him. Please pray that we will be able to talk more about eternal matters. He is Muslim, and rejects the idea of Christ’s substitutionary and atoning death. He will come over for for another job at some point. I asked him to ponder in the meanwhile the question that Paul answer in Romans 3: “how can God be just and justify the ungodly?” We would appreciate your prayers for him, that he will consider this question and that God will use the Gospel to bring new life to his dead soul. 


We appreciate you taking the time to read through this update and to lift up in prayer the ministry in Mauritius. We always enjoy hearing from you and count it a privilege when you share prayer requests with us as well. 



Pascal and Becky


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