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Wears Family Prayer Letter & Updates

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We want to start right off with saying thank you for praying for our Zoe! On March 25 she had her third surgery to put back in the loop recorder that monitors the rhythms of her heart. She has passed out a handful of times in the past 2 years and we’ve been hoping to figure out if the passing is caused by her heart condition. On Monday the 29th Michelle took Zoe to the doctor to have her bandage changed from the surgery. Zoe passed out once again but this time the device was able to show us some very helpful information. Our cardiologist could see exactly where she passed out. Zoe's heart rate slowed drastically but there were no other problems with the rhythms of her heart. Our cardiologist here in Portugal was so happy when she called. She said that we are finally getting the information that we need and she feels confident that the passing out is not a heart problem. She repeatedly said “I’m so happy about this!” We are rejoicing as well! Thank you God for this great news! And thank you so much for praying about this with us!

Thank you also for continuing to pray for Karis. She's doing pretty good with her diabetes and we feel like we are learning new things every day. Our recent trip to the doctor was helpful. She increased the amount of insulin that Karis takes and since then we have seen better results with her glucose levels.
Things are beginning to open back up here in Portugal. Karis and Zoe were able to go back to school in the middle of March and we are hopeful that Alaithia and Elijah will go back next week. We were even able to go to church as a family for the first time in weeks! It feels good to be mostly back to normal.

We are also still planning our trip to the states! We purchased tickets, we have a car, and we have a place to live. We are getting excited to see you all! We have contacted many of our churches already and we look forward to contacting the rest of you soon via phone. Please continue to pray with us that this trip will go smoothly. We do need to increase our support to accommodate housing costs in Alcochete, health insurance, and schooling expenses. Will you please pray with us that God will provide these needs?

Privileged to Serve,

David & Michelle Wears


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