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Welcome Havva Elisabeth!

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Dear friends, 

January has been a busy month for us, and our family has experienced some important changes. The most important one of them was certainly finally meeting our daughter—Havva Elisabeth. Becky was induced this past Tuesday January 30th at 8:25 A.M., and Havva was born at 3:28 P.M. It was Becky’s hardest labor, but we are thankful that Havva was born healthy. We are also grateful for Becky’s gynecologist; she very patiently worked with Becky so that Havva could be born naturally. Liam and Adrien are very excited about Havva’s arrival, but Ashlen seems to not really understand what is going on. We would appreciate your prayers for us. We desire to be godly parents, who will model christlikeness and God’s grace, to our children. Pray for grace for us that despite the sleep deprivation and general weariness that we will diligently exemplify christian virtues to them. 

Our family has also had to go through the adjustment of having Liam now attending primary school. Adrien is still in pre-primary school at a different location. So, our mornings now are very busy with having to get both of them ready for school and dropping them off at different locations. The adjustment was a bit difficult at first for Liam, but he seems to be doing very well now. He is in a less controlled environment, and he is going to be exposed to some worldly things. Once again we covet your prayers as parents. Pray that God will grant us wisdom to know how to have conversations with him to help teach him to reject things that do not honor our Lord. Above all, we would appreciate your prayers for his salvation. He has been asking some very good questions about the work of Jesus, but we do not believe that he understands his need for Christ yet. 

We met with Ashlen’s surgeon in mid-January, and we are glad to let you know that the surgeon was very pleased with the latest ultrasound scan of Ashlen’s left kidney and ureter. We would appreciate your continued prayers for his overall health. 

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This past week one of our neighbors approached us about the possibility of us helping her teenage daughter improve her English. We are happy to help out, and we will start as soon as we settle into a new routine with Havva. Please pray with us that our relationship with that family will continue to grow and that we will be active in seeking out an opportunity to share the Gospel with them. 

In our last update we told you about a girl named Tina who had abandoned her family’s witchcraft and made a profession of faith in Christ. Unfortunately, she does not live in our town, and it is not easy for her to come to church regularly. And yet, she was attending on a semi regular basis. However, she was not at church for the past 2 weeks, and I am told that she is very discouraged. She could use the encouragement of a true community of believers who would walk beside her daily. Please pray for her endurance and perseverance in following Christ. 


We appreciate all of you who take the time to read our updates and pray for us. Please let us know how we can be praying for you as well. 



Pascal and Becky

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