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We're Moving!

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Dear Friends,

Not only has 2020 been one for the record books but December is monumental for Jan and me too.  We are moving from Tallahassee to St. Augustine!  That may come as a shock to some of you but it looks like this is really happening!  Our house is under contract and our plan is to build a smaller house in St. Johns County, Florida, (St. Augustine).  We have loved our home here and it was suited so well to our family when all of us were home.  Now it is Jan and me so we need less of a house.  While we still have a son in Tallahassee with our two oldest grandchildren, we will be only minutes from another son who has our three youngest grandchildren.  It is a right move and the time is right.  We will also be two hours closer to our son in South Florida. Because we need to be out by early January we have found temporary housing there which will help us with the house build.

What does this mean for our missionary work?  It is a positive step since the cost to travel from Jacksonville is so much less than flights out of Tallahassee.  When we are able to travel again the funds you are donating will go further so more can be done.  In our last letter we shared with you that some of the money we have received has been used to help some national missionaries who are having a very hard time since COVID 19 has decimated economic situations around the world.  If you are interested in supporting directly any of these missionaries please let me know.  They are the ones still on the front lines even during these strange and difficult times.

For those of you who do your giving at the year end, now is the time!  It means so much to have your support and those of you who give monthly.  This money is not being used for any purpose other than what you know.  Funds not used are being held in reserve for when we get moving again, which I hope will be soon! 

Finally, Jan and I wish you the most BLESSED CHRISTMAS ever and a HAPPY, HEALTHY, SAFE NEW YEAR! 

Randy and Jan Ray

Global Faith Missionaries

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