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There have been times on this missionary journey where we have been concerned for our kids. Sometimes we have even asked, “What are we doing to them?” Honestly, travel is not always easy for them (or for us). We’ve seen them be so very tired and asking over and over, “When do we get to go home?” It’s been tempting to doubt and to even ask if all of what we are doing is really worth it.

And then we have these moments when everything becomes clear again. Like today. Elijah, with tears in his eyes, told us he worries that many people are not saved. He shared that he thinks especially of those who don’t go to church because they likely don’t know about Jesus. This led to a great discussion about Portugal and the fact that the town of Alcochete has no bible preaching church. His tender heart brings tears to our eyes.

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We are thankful for the ways God is already using this process in the lives of our children. Sure, there are rough moments, but that would be the case even if we weren’t traveling from church to church. On deputation we have watched their love for other people grow. We have watched them become less afraid to talk to other people. We have watched them get to know other missionaries and share with them their fears and excitement for what lies ahead. We have listened to them share the gospel with their friends. We have watched their love for Portugal grow.

Deputation has been good for our children! And we trust that God will continue to use it to work all things for their good and for His glory.

Please do continue to pray for us as we continue this process of raising support. We have a full schedule in April with meetings in Michigan, Illinois, Wisconsin, and Ohio. Please pray for us as we travel and that God will provide more partners in our ministry.

We are also excited to tell you that our support level is now nearly at 50%! We are excited and thankful for how God is providing for us. Thank you for praying and for rejoicing with us!

Privileged to Serve,

David & Michelle Wears


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