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What's New in Peru? An Update from the Pardine Family

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In these past few months we have been very busy and would actually welcome a "dull moment" every now and then!

Building projects
The church approved several projects during the anniversary month of August. From fixing the paneling inside the sanctuary to remodeling the kitchen floor.

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A construction project was also approved to remodel the parsonage to fit our family of six. Pray that this project will be completed in the next few weeks. We are planning to move in by December.

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The church building itself needs to be demolished and rebuilt. A part of the necessary funds have been raised but we are still a long way off from the goal!
If you would like more information about these projects please let us know!

The church legal paperwork is also progressing...hallelujah!

Building up the body of Christ

Some founding members have been in the church over 40 years. Pray for revival in the hearts of members and a return to their first love and a desire to serve in the family of God.
We have been counseling all of the couples in the church, young and old, married and living together. Pray for spiritual growth in their lives and a renewed commitment to one another and to Christ.

Eric has been meeting one on one with leaders for discipleship and Casandra has finished her second study with the ladies class and they are excited about the third one scheduled to begin in November. She is also discipling two young ladies one on one.

Building little lives for Christ

Thanks to those who have taken a special interest in praying for our children. Please continue to pray for their salvation, homeschool studies for the oldest two, and their physical health here on the field. It our heart's desire to see them develop a love for the ministry.
Special requests:
• Judah - weight gain
• Casandra- health, improving greatly by a change in diet
• Eric- teaching a Seminary class during these first three weeks of October on doctrines.
• Our apt. Lease is up in January. Moving to the church in the next few months.
• Furlough in 2017 July - December. Please let us know if you'd like us to stop in for an update!

"The harvest truly is plenteous, but the laborers are few." Come join us! We can always use another hand on the plow!

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