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Wheels For Brazil

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Our next camp, is coming up soon and before this very important event, we will join Dinalva in flying down to Southern Brazil, where we will  meet a "Joni and Friends" team from the U.S. for yet another "Wheels for the World" distribution.  If you have been following our journeys for the past twelve years, you may remember how God moved us to "Go out into all the world" with this organization. It all started with joining a wheelchair distribution trip to Cuba in 2006 and from there all over the world, finally settling in Brazil.  Looking back on these special events helps us realize, that it is only God who could make such relationships and journeys possible.
As we again make the trip to Brazil, we are singing His praises for the opportunities we will have to meet new friends and be used in providing wheelchairs to many individuals with disabilities that would otherwise have little to no access to the outside world. 

 These wheelchairs begin the journey right here in our own neighborhoods, traveling from all parts of the U.S. with volunteers collecting these broken down chairs and hauling them to collection points. From there, they are shipped to prisons, refurbished to like new condition and then wrapped, packed and shipped all over the world, including Brazil!

This is where the teams from the U.S. volunteer and get ready to distribute like new wheelchairs to individuals with disabilities that would otherwise have no means to purchase one or find such a perfect fit. 
The gift comes in the form of mobility, often for the first time in their lives, but even more importantly, in hearing about God's love for us.
A Bible and the message of Hope in Jesus is also given freely at these outreaches. 

Our camp "Refuge on Wheels" for the first time ever, has an opportunity to partner with "Joni and Friends" in providing wheelchairs to Northeast Brazil!  
Please be praying for God to open the doors in sending 
wheelchairsto Northeast  Brazil. 

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Unloading ten wheelchairs shipped from Curitiba to Northeast Brazil in 2017.  Praying for our first distribution of wheelchairs in Northeast Brazil in 2019.  "With God all things are possible!"

Thank you for joining us in praying, giving financially and also in going.  With the financial needs of each camp growing, we ask for your support.  If you have not yet given and would like to join us in this ministry to reach those with special needs in Northeast Brazil, you can Give Online.


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