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Why Do We Need Your Prayers?

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WHY DO WE NEED YOUR PRAYERS? I often wonder if I communicate the need for prayer support with enough emphasis and urgency. I do not consider the prayers of God’s people of secondary importance. Take for instance the last 7-10 days in Guyana, and the clear spiritual and physical opposition that are a very present reality. Read below and take time to pray for the unhindered spread of the gospel in Guyana, and the protection of our ministry team.

Thief on the job: Our contractor, Aubrey, is a believer that we reached in the village of Whitewater. Because of the challenges we face at the moment, we choose to entrust him with a great deal of responsibility over the design, construction, and work crew on our property. Sadly, he discovered one of the men working on the job was taking things home from the job site and Aubrey had to let him go. Pray for David that we might still have spiritual influence in his life. Pray for Aubrey.

New COVID cases: Just when it appeared that Guyana had all but conquered the spread of the virus, we received word that 11 new cases were discovered in a village in our region. 11 may not seem like much, but in such a sparsely populated area with limited medical access, 11 cases are significant. All 11 were teachers from one school system. Pray for these infected teachers.

Suicide: Suicide is a very real and all too common problem among the Amerindian communities in our region. We feel a great sense of urgency to reach the youth and show them a better way through Christ. Last week I received the call that I have heard far too often – another young man had taken his life. Pastor Norbert was asked to hold a service. The attendance was large. I was able to share the gospel through WhatsApp and Norbert’s phone connected to a P.A. system. So many superstitions surround suicide among our people to which I was happy to share the truth from Scripture which spoke to the many people present. The loss of this young man was senseless – we must be much more urgent about what we do with the gospel. Pray for this grieving family.

A leader down: Over this past weekend the leader of our Kumwater ministry, Ralph, was rushed to the hospital. He has struggled for years with abdominal problems. He suffers so much, but I don’t hear him complaining. He received Christ a couple of years ago when I was preaching in his village and shortly after he received a definite call to lead the Kumwater ministry. I admire his faith in God and willingness to press on – despite great pain and weakness most of the time. Pray for Ralph and his family.

“This house is haunted.” I know that many Americans will laugh at that statement – a real statement that was shared with me just days ago, and again this morning. Most of us have become desensitized to the spirit world and we are very quick to dismiss or make light of what we cannot see. However, to many around the world there is a real fear of the spirits and their power in the material world. Hollywood movies have made evils spirits into a form of entertainment. Once you have seen the fear, darkness, and very real power of the spirits, you will never laugh at, or find entertainment, in these movies again. Apparently, the man who owned our property years ago would hold some type of ceremony where he would sacrifice animals and spread the blood around the property. The men working on the property are hearing and seeing things that they claim to be spirits. We rest in the truth, “greater is he that is in you, than he that is in the world.” Pray for spiritual victory over darkness – that answer could very well lead these men to trust God in their life.


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