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Youth Camp Success and More!

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Grace Ministries Guyana

YOUTH CAMP SUCCESS! This summer we hosted our first every region-wide youth camp in White Water Village under the ministry leadership of Pastor Norbert.  The logistics of transporting, housing, and feeding, young people from 6 villages was a daunting task several months in the works.  In addition to these details there was the task of “recruiting” the right team to serve as counselors, workers, and leaders in the camp. In the end we had a team of 12 come from Trinity Baptist College/Church to serve dozens of youth from around the North West region in Guyana. 

mann2More than 26 people gave their heart to Christ with 9 following the Lord in believer’s baptism throughout the week. The impact is still being felt in the lives of the youth who participated this summer and there is a real eagerness to come together again in the summer of 2020 for our next youth camp.

MINISTRY LAND DONATED There are so many pieces coming together confirming the wisdom and timing of our return to Guyana.  One major confirmation came in the form of a donation of 5-7 acres of land – not just any land, but a property that God first put on my heart more than 12 years ago!  With this land we will be strategically located in the heart of our existing church plants and in close proximity to a number of key areas targeted for future church plants.  In order to secure the land as ours we must immediately “work the land” to show that we intend to use it.  We have a crew that has done some work already in brushing the property, but we must also dig drainage ditches, a pond, a culvert, a bridge, and some other work to prepare the land for our use.  As our monthly support begins to come in we will hire the work and get us closer to getting re-established in Guyana!

TIMOTHY INITIATIVE PARTNERSHIP I am grateful for the influence TTI has had in my life.  I knew our efforts in Guyana were making progress, but I felt as if something was missing.  God led me to study church planting movements, and it was during that time that I made my first visit to TTI ministries in India.  What I saw in India, and later in a subsequent trip to Nepal and Sri Lanka, convinced me that we must become much more intentional with our disciple-making and church planting.  


With TTI there is no need to reinvent the wheel.  We are happy to integrate the material, teaching model, and philosophy of TTI into our ministry in Guyana.  Our first ministry building will be a TTI training center that will be a place to make disciples who make disciples.  Multiplying biblical disciples will be the core of our church planting strategy.

RAISING PARTNERS/SUPPORT This Fall has been a whirlwind of activity as I focus on responsibilities in my home church, international travel, and a full schedule of travel to present the ministry.  During this past quarter I have spoken in Oregon, Florida, New Jersey, and North Carolina.  In the midst of this I have made two very successful trips to Guyana.

PRAYER REQUESTS (1) The health, spiritual well-being, and faithfulness of our pastors and church leaders serving the existing churches in Guyana.  (2) Spiritual wisdom in making the seamless transition with our leaders to the TTI model.  (3) Developing healthy church and individual partnerships for the ministry.  (4) Material support – monthly and for land/building projects.

Yours in Christ,

Greg and Wendy Mann

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