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Frequently Asked Questions

Thank you for your interest in missions!  Below you will find helpful tips and tutorials that will walk you through how to support a Global Faith missionary or project.

How do I give a donation by check?

• Reminder: donations that are designated as personal gifts i.e. “Christmas Gifts, Birthday Gifts, etc.” are non-charitable according to IRS guidelines and therefore are not eligible for a tax deductible receipt.
If you have any questions, please contact us at (423)702-5811.

• Please make checks out to "Global Faith Mission Agency," "Global Faith," or "GFMA"

• Don't forget to identlfy the missionary you are designating your support for in the memo line!

Memo: Missionary's Name - Location

• Mail your checks to Global Faith at P.O. Box 3326, Chattanooga, TN 37404

How do I donate online?

• Follow the link to Give Now

• If this is your first time to donate online you will need to complete the Registration.  Once you are registered, choose which missionary or project you would like to give to from the Personnel or Projects page.  Once you are there you can choose to Make a Pledge/Recurring Donation or Give a One-Time Gift.  

• Choose your Pledge or Gift Amount.  If you've chosen to create a Pledge, choose the frequency of your gift.  Choose the duration of your pledge.  Enter your payment information.  You will recieve an email reciept as soon as your donation is processed. 


How do I update/change my Credit Card information for a Pledge?

Donors wishing to make changes to their payment options can visit the Online Donor Portal.

Sign in using the username/email and password with which you originally registered.  Click on the red "Change CC Information on All Pledges" button located in the top right-hand corner.  Fill in the correct card information and select "Change CC on Pledges."


When will I recieve a receipt? 

There are two types of receipts that GFMA sends to donors:
Paper Receipts are sent quarterly by request only.
Electronic receipts are sent as each donation is processed. We encourage as many donors as possible to sign up for electronic receipts. There are many benefits of e-receipts:
• E-receipts are processed more quickly.
• E-receipts save time for our bookkeepers. E-receipts save money on postage, which in the long run helps minimize expenses for the missionaries.

If you would like to receive email receipts, please take a moment to send us your email address to:
Each receipt will list:
The name of the designated missionary.
The amount of the donation.
It is recommended that you check each receipt to verify that your donation was processed as you requested.
We will send out a detailed donation summary/receipt in December for tax preparation.

How do I cancel my Pledge?

How do I change my password?