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Christmas Eve at the Plaza

The main plaza in Merida was full of people making last-minute purchases for "Navidad" on December the 24th, 2018.

The plaza is the central hub of Merida, a city of almost one million people. On this day, it was full of bustling people. Merchants on every street had their PA systems operating at full volume trying to entice shoppers to spend their Christmas pesos. People were scurrying through the streets with their shopping bolsas (bags) full of gifts for their loved ones. Christmas in the tropics is not a cold weather event, but it is a shopping frenzy nonetheless.

It was a strategic plan of Pastor Manuel to be at the plaza on December 24th with a briefcase full of Christmas tracts. It didn't take long to distribute them to the people who hurried by as they went about their last minute "compras" (shopping). 

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Sitting down to read the tracts they have just received.

It wasn't only the shoppers that motivated Manuel but the fact that on this day, almost everyone becomes somewhat "religious." More so than most days of the year, those who crowded the plaza were receptive to the colorful tract that clearly presented the gospel message: the story of a babe, born in a manger, who came to give His life for mankind.

By that evening, most of the people were back at their homes, enjoying the festivities with family and friends and more importantly the Christmas tracts where now in hundreds of homes all around Merida.

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When the park benches are full, you just find anyplace to sit so you can read the tract that you just received.

It isn't surprising that Manuel is so dedicated to the distribution of gospel literature. It was on a hot August day in 1980 that I left a Gospel of John, a gospel tract, and a coupon for a free Bible study at his house. In the weeks that followed, we saw Manuel and his wife Carmen become faithful believers who gave themselves totally to the cause of Christ.

Hopefully, in the weeks to come, there will be others like Manuel and Carmen who will also become "Christ followers" and dedicate themselves to serving the Lord.

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Reading and  discussing the content of the tract that was placed in their hands.

We owe a special thanks to Rick Haskett and his business, AAA Locksmith in Greenville, South Carolina. Rick and his business donated the tracts that Manuel distributed in the plaza of Merida on December 24th.  Over the years, Rick and his business have donated thousands of dollars' worth of literature for us to distribute all over the Yucatan Peninsula.

This year we will continue to engage in literature distributions in Yucatan. Your prayers are appreciated as we begin the new year with the goal of reaching many with the Word of God.

Thank you for your faithful partnership in our ministry.

Roy & Edi Seals

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