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God Is Still Calling | Many Are Responding


On December the 7th I discussed missionary work with two young adults in their 20's.  This was one of a series of ongoing meetings we have had for several months.  As we talked, I observed their sincerity and passion for being involved in missionary work.  They willingly accepted the advice that I shared with them.  The next step in this journey - filling out an application form for acceptance to join Global Faith Mission Agency.

The next day, I sat across the conference table in our office from a 49 year old man who has pastored for 16 years.  He and his wife are now embarking on a new direction in their ministerial lives.  As we discussed their desire to serve the Lord, it became obvious that their ministry would be multi-faceted.  

It was exciting to listen to a man who is passionate about the direction in which God is leading him.  The next step in this journey - filling out the application form for acceptance to join Global Faith Mission Agency.

On the one hand, it was a tremendous blessing to see that there are still young adults in their 20's who are committed for service to God in global evangelization.

On the other hand, it was a blessing to see a couple in their late 40's excitedly discussing the new direction that God has given in their lives.

As I thought about the meetings of these two days, I rejoiced that in a year in which a health pandemic has impacted so many, God's plan for the Great Commission is still a priority.  He is still calling; thankfully, many are responding.

Thank you for faithfully partnering with us in 2020.  May God richly bless you as we draw close to the end of 2020, and may you have a blessed and Merry Christmas.

Roy and Edi Seals

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