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Inconvenience or Fellowship?

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Long before the Sunday AM service, these ladies were busy preparing Pozole for the fellowship that would follow the worship service.


As I walked through the door of the church, I smelled the delicious aroma of food. I found the source of the cooking in the back patio of the church. 

Seven ladies were working around a table preparing the ingredients for Pozole (pork hominy stew) which they were cooking for the fellowship meal that would take place after the worship service.

It was a hot May 19th Sunday at Iglesia Bautista El Camino de la Verdad, one of our partner churches of Project Yucatan for Christ.

The pozole was cooked outside on a simple stove of four cement blocks that held the pots over a fire. It is an ancient and simple cooking method, but the result is a very delicious meal.

That morning we had a wonderful time of worshipping in song and preaching God's Word. After the service, all stayed for the meal and fellowship.

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Although busy, these ladies also enjoyed the special time they had together as they served the church.  I could hear them talking and singing as they had their own time of fellowship together.

In spite of the scorching tropical heat and the simple cooking methods, there was no complaint from the team of ladies who worked for hours to provide the meal.

As good as the food was, the fellowship was even better. The team from South Carolina that accompanied me on this ministry trip mingled with the Yucatecan believers. The Yucatecos were pleased to introduce their guests to Pozole which the Americans enjoyed. Some of the Yucatecos practiced what little English they knew, and the Americans practiced what little Spanish they knew.

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This simple stove of cement blocks over a fire was simple yet effective.

The language and cultural differences did not hinder the fellowship of Christians. The body of believers came together because of a common bond - we were all part of the family of God.

The inconvenience of primitive cooking methods and the intense tropical heat were overshadowed by the fellowship amongst the family of God.

What we experienced on this occasion was a continuation of the practice of the first-century church - God's family enjoying the blessing of unity within the church.

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This is the congregation of Iglesia Bautista El Camino de la Verdad in their Sunday AM service.  It is a wonderful thing for the body of Christ to worship and fellowship together.

As our prayer and financial partners, you have helped us build these unique experiences in planting and building churches. Thank you for being part of the advancement of the family of God.

Roy & Edi Seals

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