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National Hispanic Heritage Month

national hispanic heritage month

When Claudia Brunner recently asked me to speak to her high school students in the Spanish classes, I jumped at the chance.  I was asked to share my experiences of growing up in Mexico, and living in a different culture. 

Thanks to technology, I spoke to four different classes throughout the day all from my office at Global Faith Mission Agency.

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Claudia, from the country of Chile, teaching her Spanish class.  Her church and school involvement are making a positive impact on our next generation.

This opportunity came about as we have been celebrating National Hispanic Heritage Month here in the USA.  Claudia herself is an immigrant from Chile, South America.  She came to the USA when she was fifteen years old; therefore, she understands the importance of cultural awareness and cultural adaptation as well as anyone.

There were two important things I shared with these high school students.

  1. It is essential that we as believers acknowledge and understand the great cultural diversity that exists in the United States of America.  We have tremendous opportunities to reach an international community in our own nation.
  2. It was an opportunity to promote international missionary work to these students.  One day, some of them may be missionaries in our world of over seven billion people!  It is never too early to plant the seed of missions.

Opportunities are possible because of your partnership with us.  Thank you for helping us reach out to teenagers with the message of missions.


Did you know?

If you add up all the Spanish speaking people in the United States of America, there are enough people to be classified as the fifth largest Spanish speaking country of the world.

The church in the United States has an unbelievable opportunity to evangelize ethnic groups who have come to our country!

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