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New Missionary Personnel

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One of the blessings of our ministry is that of working with missionary applicants. From the beginning stages of communication from potential missionaries to their acceptance, it is thrilling to see how God calls and leads various people to become involved in global missions.

This year we have been privileged to accept Alex and Eilyn Faxas as missionaries to Costa Rica and Panama. The Faxas left Cuba years ago seeking freedom. They found the personal and political freedom they were looking for, but it was in Costa Rica that they found freedom in Christ as they heard the gospel. They were discipled by missionaries Russ and Lynn Turner in San Ramon, Costa Rica. Later, they continued training for ministry and came to the US where Alex has pastored two Hispanic ministries. Recently they responded to God's call to return to Central America as missionaries.

New missionary personnel

Alex & Eilyn Faxas with the Global Faith Acceptance Committee

The Faxas first trip to Central America was an attempt to find a new life; their second journey to Central America is to take the message of eternal life that they found in Christ. If you are looking for a dynamic missionary family to support, I encourage you to partner with the Faxas family.

USA - Hispanic Outreach
On Monday evenings I teach a group of men from Mexico and Guatemala as we study the Word of God.

hispanic outreach

Working with those who have immigrated to this country is one of the most effective missionary tools we have at our disposal. When they respond to God's call on their lives, they can return to a country with which they are already familiar.
• They already speak the language.
• There are no cultural barriers.
• They are able to immediately initiate ministry activity.
Your prayers are appreciated for this group of men who are being discipled in God's Word.

Roy & Edi Seals

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