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Pandemic Perspective

Pandemic perspective 1

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected every country where Global Faith missionaries are serving. In fact, most of the countries where our missionaries are serving have been impacted by restrictions far greater than those we experienced here in the USA. 

One of the things that has blessed me the most is observing the perspective of our missionaries as they have focused on what they can do and not on what they can’t do.   

Peru was typical of many countries in South America that put heavy restrictions on the population as a result of COVID-19. This had a devastating impact particularly on the poor who live day by day performing cash jobs for a living. 

Eric and Cassandra Pardine saw the opportunity to serve their hard hit Peruvian community with a food distribution program; this has given them the opportunity to feed hundreds of people. 


The lady in the picture to the left, not only took the food we gave her but also requested a Bible! Food for the body and the soul! 

Jason and Joanna Wollbrink in Cieneguilla, Peru witnessed the suffering in their town. They also started a food distribution program which has resulted in touching hundreds of families and lives.   

Their community was so impressed by what they and the church were doing to reach out to the needy that a local bakery began to donate fresh bread for the food distribution, and vendors in the local market began to contribute to the food distribution program. 

The greatest part of this outreach is that the local communities have observed the compassion of the local church, the gospel has been shared with thousands, and people are coming to Christ. 

Manuel Verde in Merida, Mexico has embraced the use of technology to share the gospel through a steady broadcasting of the gospel on YouTube and social media.   

Along with the broadcasting of the Sunday services, he has started a devotional broadcast as well as a series of 3 to 6 minute evangelistic messages that he broadcasts on a Facebook page which is called “Esperanza Segura” which means “A Sure Hope.” By paying for advertising space on Facebook, he has been able to reach a great part of the country of Mexico. One such evangelistic message was seen by over 29,000 people. 

pandemic perspective 2These are just a few of the ways that the team of Global Faith missionaries are reaching out to their communities in these days of challenges and restrictions.  

Only eternity will reveal how many have been reached with the gospel in these unusual days.  In spite of all that is going on, God is not restricted, and we have an opportunity to reach a hurting and needy world during this unique time in our history. Thank you for your part in this ongoing missionary outreach. 

Roy & Edi Seals

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