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Thanks for Helping with the Doctrine Books

Thanks to your generous response, we have been able to purchase many of the Doctrine books we mentioned in our last newsletter. We look forward to sharing these books with pastors and those who are preparing for the ministry.

Recently Manuel Verde sent me this picture of the very first Doctrine book that he purchased in 1981 when we initiated his ministry training. As you can see, it is a well used book. 

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Manuel's first Doctrine book. Thirty-seven years old, it has seen a lot of use and the tropical weather has affected it; however, it is still being used today.

The binding is coming apart; Manuel has protected it with a clear plastic cover in an attempt to keep the tropical humidity from destroying the pages. (Unless you have lived long-term in the tropics, it is hard to comprehend the destructive force of high humidity.)

seals dec 18 2For 37 years, this book has been a valuable tool to Manuel in his ministry. The Doctrine books we have just purchased will continue to assist pastors and ministers on the Yucatan Peninsula as they preach and teach the Scriptures.

Thank you for your valuable partnership in 2018. 

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