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The Important Job of Church Bookkeepers

Blog for Feb Seals

Three months ago I enjoyed sitting on the front porch of Mrs. Lurley Scott in the district of Spot Bay on Cayman Brac. My travel to this island was a welcome change of climate from the cold November weather that was creeping in back home. It was a blessing to be preaching on Cayman Brac, and I will admit that the sight and sound of the Caribbean waves lapping the seashore 200 yards away were relaxing.

Mrs. Lurley is the treasurer for Bethel Baptist Church in Spot Bay, a church that has faithfully supported Edi and me for 40 years. In fact, being the church treasurer is a job she has performed for 55 years! She was saved in 1950 and became a member of Bethel Baptist Church in 1951. Mrs. Lurley is 90 years old and still going strong.

This amazing lady goes out each month to purchase envelopes and stamps and then mails the support checks to us and other missionaries.

I write this to express my gratitude to Mrs. Lurley and to Bethel Baptist Church for their faithful and consistent partnership in the ministry God has given us. I also appreciate the tremendous influence my missionary father-in-law has had on Cayman Brac in his ongoing 49-year missionary career.

I also wish to express our gratitude to each church and treasurer who faithfully contribute to missionary work. As missionaries, we do not take for granted your faithfulness in our partnership. Our prayer is that God will bless and reward you for your dedication. Your consistency in supporting us allows us to be faithfully involved in fulfilling the call of God on our lives.


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