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The Jesus Film - June 2017


The Jesus Film serves as a tremendous evangelistic tool for us.  We recently purchased 400 more copies of this DVD for ministry outreach.

  • Some of these were distributed during Easter week.
  • The rest will be used in Project Yucatan as we use them in our 2017 summer evangelistic events.

June Roy 1

Joseph is a nine year old boy who, along with his mother, received a Jesus Film DVD during Easter week.  Joseph's mother is from Honduras; his father, who was from Mexico, was killed tragically in a recent accident.

The day after receiving and watching the Jesus Film, Joseph excitedly proclaimed "That's the Story!"  Our prayer is that many like Joseph will be impacted by the use of these DVDs over the next few weeks.

Thank you for partnering with us in ministering to Joseph and hundreds of others who need to be impacted by the gospel.

- Roy and Edi Seals

From the Past

This is a picture of an evangelistic event in Peru in 2003.  We were in a village that had no electricity. With our portable generator we showed the Jesus Film to these people who are isolated from modern utilities. 

June Roy 2

The entire village of 300 people turned out for the movie presentation that night in freezing weather at an altitude of 11,000 feet in the Andes Mountains.

There was no church building and no pews to sit on; they all sat on the ground.  They watched the entire movie that night, captivated by the technology, but even more by the message of Christ.  Many came to Christ that evening.

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