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The Kitchen Table

Kitchen Table

Each Wednesday since mid-March, I sit at our kitchen table with Bible, outline, and laptop as I teach the mid-week Bible lesson via internet. Behind me is my backyard.

Less than a year ago, I stood in the backyard of a family who is part of a new church plant in the village of Santa María, Yucatán. I had a table for my pulpit; there was a plastic tarp that kept the tropical sun off of part of the congregation. Behind me were pens with a pig and turkeys.

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Each Wednesday night this table and setting has provided the platform for teaching the Word of God.

The setting in Santa María was part of a planned event for a recent church plant. The event from my house was not on our schedule three months ago but there I am, using what we have to reach out with the teaching of God's Word.

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This table served as my pulpit and the media center for the PA system that a sister church loaned for this special event. Immediately after the service, this table was used to serve food and as a focal point of Christian fellowship.

As I compared these two pictures, I couldn't help but think about the many times in my ministry I have used uneven, rickety tables throughout Latin America as a pulpit to preach the Word of God. The power of God's Word is not diminished because of a simple setting; neither is it enhanced because of a polished pulpit. God's Word can convict sinners and edify saints in both formal and informal settings.

It is a privilege to share the Word of God in all kinds of scenarios. Your partnership allows us to continually proclaim God's Word during these unusual days we all have experienced. May God bless each of you as we serve together for the cause of Christ.

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Our kitchen table has served as the setting for various ministry activities. Here the ladies from our Spanish ministry are enjoying a time of food, fellowship, and Bible study with Edi.

There is something about a meeting around a table that opens the door for opportunities to interact and discuss things in a manner which do not occur in a formal church service.

We are thankful for the many ministry opportunities around the table.

- Roy & Edi Seals

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