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The Rusty Key - Roy & Edi Seals October 2016

We recently rented a building in the village of Oxcum. Not because of the beauty or architecture of the house; in fact, the house is old and falling apart.

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The key to the house was rusty and not appealing as a real estate investment. Walls were caving in, and the gate to the back patio was rusty from weather and little use.

We are excited because this rusty key and dilapidated house represent an opportunity for investment-- not in real estate--but in the lives of young people in the village of Oxcum.

Each week "Escuela Para La Vida" (Life School), a ministry of Project Yucatan, holds classes for the youngsters of Oxcum.

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There is an emphasis on social skills, morality, the home, and civic duties. ESL classes are being given to coach the youngsters who are interested in learning English.

The greatest lessons of the week, though, are the lessons from a Book that is much older than the house! Each week boys and girls are learning about God, the Lord Jesus, and Biblical principles and lessons. seals oct update 3

These Bible lessons have the potential of changing life for the youngsters who eagerly attend. It isn't just this life that can be changed for the better; it is the gift of eternal life that boys and girls are discovering in this old house.

As resources are available, we are improving the house. We are patching up walls, painting, and repairing. seals oct update 4

You can have a part in Escuela Para La Vida in Oxcum by praying and donating to Project Yucatan. Be sure to designate your gift "Oxcum - Life School Ministry."

Roy and Edi Seals

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